May 14, 2019 By SmartBiz Team

Whether you are a startup looking for a breakthrough or a small business with online services, content marketing is a must for your continued growth as a company. According to Neil Patel, 70% of customers would prefer learning about products or services through articles and blog posts rather than curated ads.

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Also worth pointing out is the fact that 60% of people actively seek out a product or a service after reading about it online, which is what content marketing is all about in terms of promoting your brand on the web. With that in mind, let’s take a look at several solid reasons to use content marketing for business growth regardless of your industry or niche.

1. Audience Segmentation

Creating blog posts, infographics, and marketing content for your audience will allow you to segment the customer base you work with. Not everyone will respond in the same way when it comes to video content, articles or short-form social media content.

To that end, you will have to preemptively separate your audience into different demographics based on age, gender and lifestyle choices among other factors. This will help you further your agenda as a company since you will have a clearer idea of who your stakeholders are, what emotional triggers they respond to, and what they want to see in the brands they engage with.

2. Search Engine Placement

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing prefer ranking original and trustworthy content high in their result pages. Content marketing is a great way to place your brand on the proverbial map by getting on search engines’ good side.

SEO can be a great addition to your content creation efforts through tools such as SEM Rush, Grab My Essay and Hemingway to name a few. Making sure your content is well-written, formatted and free of grammar and formatting errors will go a long way in your SEO and content marketing.

3. Cross-Channel Marketing

Marketing campaigns typically target specific channels of communication depending on the scale and resources available. However, content marketing pieces can be retrofitted for different platforms, including social media, your company’s website, and authoritative industry news outlets to name a few.

Simply link your content to different channels which will lead the viewer back to your online store or website for further info on your business. This is a quick and affordable way to reach different customer bases with the same content you initially created.

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4. Brand Awareness & Authority

No company exists in a bubble, and the same is true for your business. In order to stand out from the competition, you will need to make sure that you have something different and unique on offer. Content marketing with original ideas, topics and information can be just the thing to make the public aware of your brand and product portfolio.

Malia Keirsey, chief content creator at Supreme Dissertations and a frequent contributor to Hot Essay Service spoke on the topic recently: “You can make your content even more effective by placing internal company website links throughout it. That way, viewers will be enticed to explore your brand further and come closer to eventual conversion.”

5. More Engagement & Sales

Provide your followers with insightful information about industry happenings, trending topics and ongoing sales or campaigns in relation to your business. Show that you are up-to-date and able to accommodate your clients’ needs through the content you create. This will lead to an increase in your engagement rates and subsequent sales, providing your business with much-needed revenue.

6. Social Proof Data Collection

Content marketing can lead to user engagement no matter the channels you chose to use. This will allow you to collect testimonials, comments, and feedback from your audience and use it for further content marketing efforts.

Not only that, but you will also gain valuable insight into how your business practices and services are perceived by the public. Make sure to collect audience data in terms of engagement and interactivity in order to keep growing as a business a content provider.

7. High Return on Investment

Lastly, content marketing should never be seen as an unnecessary expense or as chasing trends. The return on investment (ROI) from content marketing is very lucrative. Every company in your industry offers a similar type of products at various levels of quality and servicing.

No matter what niche you operate in, chances are that more and more people will want to engage with your business over time. However, what separates your company from others are your goals, long-term vision, and company culture – all of which can be showcased through content marketing.

In Conclusion

Business growth isn’t a straightforward project, nor is it free of potential failure or setbacks. Content marketing can provide you with a communication outlet with your stakeholders, both in B2C and B2B sectors. Inform your followers of what your business stands for through genuine professional content and the right audience will always find its way to you.


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