September 9, 2021 By SmartBiz Team

It’s National Small Business Week (NSBW) in 2021, a year unlike any the United States has experienced before. With the coronavirus pandemic winding down but the economic repercussions continuing, recognizing and supporting small business owners is more important than ever. Businesses efforts are concentrated on rebuilding and NSBW can help you move forward. Here’s information on this week that recognizes and supports entrepreneurs across America.

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What is National Small Business Week?

Every year since 1963, SBA has highlighted the impact of outstanding entrepreneurs, small-business owners, and other small-business supporters from across the nation through National Small Business Week. The week includes awards for small businesses and presentations to help entrepreneurs succeed. Need some inspiration for motivation? Check out quotes from business owners we’ve worked with here: National Small Business Week: Quotes from Successful Small Business Owners.

When is National Small Business Week?

Originally slated early in the year, the SBA has rescheduled this year due to the pandemic. National Small Business Week, 2021, will be held September 13-15.

Where can I learn about National Small Business Week Activities?

Follow the SBA on Twitter @SBAgov or on Facebook to get updates. National Small Business Week events and information will be shared on social media using the hashtag #SmallBusinessWeek. SmartBiz Loans will be posting useful information and ideas across our social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Have questions about NSBW? You can contact the SBA directly via email here:

National Small Business Week event schedule

Join the SBA for a National Small Business Week Virtual Summit to recognize the resiliency, resolve & renewal of America’s 30 million small businesses as they get back on track to a healthier economic recovery. Visit National Small Business Week Virtual Summit on the SBA website for more information and to register.

Make the most of NSBW 2021

Take advantage of this week to spark business growth and stability strategies. Here are ways to make the most of NSBW 2021:

Contact your local chamber of commerce or SCORE office

Ask what events they have planned for Small Business Week and how you can get your small business involved. These organizations support small business owners throughout the year so be sure to stay connected.

Focus on and promote safety

Being safe from coronavirus contamination is key to relaxed employees and happy shoppers. Implement safety measures and promote widely on your website and in customer communications. Read 5 Ways to Keep Your Employees Safe During COVID-19 and shore up your safety operations to avoid any exposure to the coronavirus.

Send a special edition email or newsletter to customers

Let your customers know you’re participating in this week and highlight any specials or promotions you are offering. Review new marketing ideas in light of the pandemic. Our article, Email Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners can help spark ideas. Be transparent acknowledging your situation and how you are rebuilding to serve your customers well. Put a face and personality to your business.

Join a networking group

Visit, your local SCORE chapter, the Chamber of Commerce, to explore opportunities within the small business community. It’s even more important than ever to connect with other entrepreneurs and share information about riding out the current economic issues small businesses are facing today.

Create a long lead marketing campaign

Take advantage of the boost your business can get from Small Business Week and use it to kick off a longer campaign to bring customers back. Our targeted article can help: Small Business Marketing Strategies During COVID-19.

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Partner with another small business.

Is there a small business that compliments your product or service? Consider partnering with them to offer special deals or discounts. Cross promotions with other small businesses can increase sales and can help you save marketing dollars by splitting costs. Explore your customer demographic and find similar businesses that aren’t your competitors. For example, a bakery might pair with a hair salon, a tree trimming business with a landscaper, a realtor with an interior decorator. Visit the SmartBiz Small Business Blog for lots of ideas about sharing promotions and partnering with another small business: Cross-Promotion and Your Small Business: Ideas for Success and How To Set Up Business Partnerships for Success.

Get social

Put some money behind Facebook , Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn ads once you’ve determined where your customers are. With the pandemic, more people than ever are online looking for products or services. Test out a few different ads against each other to see how they are performing. Make sure to use great images to attract more eyeballs. For social media best practices and creative ideas review Social Media Tips for Small Business.

Thank your employees

These are trying times and your employees are probably experiencing anxiety about the coronavirus, economy, and business operations.

Showing appreciation goes a long way with your small business employees and can help ease the strain. Celebrating with a special lunch or event might not be possible now. But you can give out gift cards, bestow special recognition on a hard-working employee, or host a virtual happy hour. Happy employees equal happy customers. Check out suggestions for employee management during times of stress on the SmartBiz Small Business Blog:

Support other small businesses

You won’t have to look far to find a small business. From the corner flower shop to cleaning services to an Etsy store, find a way to spend some of your hard earned dollars helping another entrepreneur.

Spring clean the office

Take a look around – do you see lots of clutter in your workspace either on site or at home? Don’t let an untidy office hamper your creativity and productivity. Clean up, buy new office supplies, consider fresh paint or new plants. Here are spring cleaning tips you can consider: Spring Clean Your Small Business.

Consider additional financing to propel you forward

Although the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) has ended for small business owners, the SBA 7(a) program can provide funding businesses need to keep operations running. Known as the “gold standard”, SBA 7(a) loans have low rates, long terms, and very low monthly payments.

Visit SmartBiz today and discover in about five minutes if you’re qualified for an SBA 7(a) loan with no impact on your credit scores.*

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