Proposal Automation: How to Save Money for Your Business

Businesses are always looking for ways to reduce costs, save time and increase efficiency, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Some businesses are growing rapidly with the help of automation, while some otherwise healthy businesses are facing bankruptcy because of lack of automation or digitalization.


Automation is the process in which the performing of business tasks becomes automated rather than being performed through human labor. Automation in business not only helps in saving money from labor costs, it also helps in saving time, increases production, and minimizes the chances of mistakes. Different software such as are available to improve customer service, sales, and the support needs of any business.

Businesses won't find a more effective way to save time and money than through automation. Using automation tools allows your business to reduce the costs associated with repetitive tasks such as payroll, proposal writing, accounting, sales management, and social media.

Automation takes care of work that is labor-intensive and time-consuming. In a small business, saving even a small amount of money can be beneficial. Every penny saved can be used in other streams or help insulate a business in emergencies situations.

Proposal automation streamlines the process of creating proposals or a Request For Proposal (RFP). With this software and its many functions, better, more comprehensive proposals can be created far more quickly.

How proposal automation helps save money for your business

Often, organizations issue a request for proposal(RFP) from other businesses and these businesses create proposals as a RFP response. Proposals can be the first step in building a business relationship. It means businesses need to submit valuable and personalized proposals in order to receive favorable responses from potential clients.

With proposal management software, sales managers of businesses have no need to write RFP responses from a blank page. Instead, they can use various templates for customization. While writing business proposals can be time-consuming for the marketing or sales team, proposal automation will do the same work in less time with far less effort. Businesses will be able to keep their staff requirements to a minimum.

By investing a little money in proposal automation, a business can produce proposals that are much more likely to generate a higher quality and number of responses from potential clients. Automated proposal software creates a more professional, detailed, accurate, and attractive proposal in far less time.

There are generally two types of proposal software: On Premise, which is generally used by large scale businesses, and Cloud Based Proposals, which have great advantages for smaller businesses. Cloud-based proposals can provide awesome benefits such as improved security, reliability and so on. Proposal software helps to deliver cloud-based projects, portfolios, and proposal management applications for different types of businesses.


The major benefits for businesses in using proposal automation software are:

Proposal templates

It allows users to use existing templates for standard proposal layouts for various fields.

Act quickly

With the help of automation, creating proposals will be much faster. Create quality proposals and presentations and win clients for your business.

RFP response

Easily create or customize proposals based on RFPs received from new organizations or clients.

Proposal content tracking

Helps in the tracking of content engagement and performance. This data will help you take the best next step.

Save Time

Saves a lot of time and stress by reducing the number of tedious, repetitive tasks. Create new proposals in a few clicks and easily customize it without headaches or difficulties.

Work With Teammates

Include members of your department in this new automation software process and start customizing the proposal together. Free your team from time-consuming tasks and reduce the number of errors with the help of custom fields that auto-fill new proposals with clients’ specific details.

Final Thoughts

There are many benefits in taking your business digital. Business automation is rapidly increasing in the market with its many time-saving and cost-saving attributes. The best parts of automation are increased speed of production and the reduction in mistakes by human error. Reducing costs and saving money is essential for a business’ viability. Automation tools and software that assists in proposal creation are important additions for any business.

Proposal managers can customize and finalize proposals generated through automation with ready-made content directly available in PowerPoint or Word. They don't need to review proposals made manually anymore.

With the proper use of proposal automation, businesses can see a healthier bottomline through newly efficient and cost-saving methods. So what are you waiting for? Shift your business into automation now.

About the Author

Dan Martin has hands-on experience in digital marketing since 2007. He has been building teams and coaching others to foster innovation and solve real-time problems. Dan also enjoys photography and traveling.