Things you should include in your job posting to get only the best responses

Attracting and finding candidates to work for your business is more important than ever. During the pandemic, some businesses will be hiring to help rebuild their business. Job postings are key.

A job posting is used to advertise employment vacancies, on online and offline mediums. Usually, it states a description of the job you are hiring for, the skills and qualifications the right candidate needs to have and some information about your organization.

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To draft a good job posting, you can use online resources such as free job descriptions and free job posting templates for your reference. By doing so, you can follow the industry standards while creating a personalized job posting according to your requirements. Here’s a list of things you should include in your job posting to get only the best results.

Application Process

Outline your organization’s application process clearly and concisely within your job posting. The idea is to make it simple for an interested candidate to apply for the job. A job posting on your company website, newspapers, or on social media needs to have an outline of the application process clearly mentioned.

Job Title

Give your job posting an appealing title which clearly states the profile being advertised for. The job title should be easy to understand for job seekers. Make sure you include the right keywords in your job title. Job seekers search online by job title and location, a job title with the right keywords is more searchable and gets more responses.


A good introduction in the job posting should talk about the significance of the position in the organization and the responsibilities involved. It is also a good idea for the introduction to include a few lines about why a candidate should apply for this job.

Company Description

Your job posting should have a small part describing the work your company does and the industries you deal in. This helps in making the job posting more detailed and interesting for the right candidate.

Employee Benefits

For making the job posting more appealing, talk about the employee benefits you offer and what makes your company a great place to work. Employee benefits encourage the right candidates to apply and give them an idea of the remuneration they can expect for the job. Some organizations also write about the employee brand they have created.


Career Path

One of the biggest questions candidates have on their mind is about the growth path or career path you are offering. If you have a clear career path which the hired candidate will be given growth on – mention a few lines and describe the future that the person working in this job can look forward to.

Job Responsibilities

Always mention a list of responsibilities that the job entails. This is like a job description, in which you can clearly state the expectations of the organization in hiring for this job. It helps qualified candidates understand the role better and makes the job posting more informative and interesting for the right candidate.

Required Skills & Experience

A job posting must include the specific skills, qualifications and experience the organization expects the person on the job should have. Job role requirement mentions the years of experience, skill set and level of expertise the candidate must have to be hired for the job. This will filter out any unsuitable candidates.

Compensation, Location, and Travel details

This is the part most people look for in a job posting. Make sure to mention the compensation a candidate may expect to get if hired. This should be clearly given alongside the office location or other specifications such as the number of working days in a week.

A job posting is an opportunity to sell your job role to the right kind of candidates out there. Apart from the 9 points mentioned above, include SEO and e-mail marketing tactics to connect to the right candidate.

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