Holiday Help For Your Small Business

Are you scaling up for the holidays? If you’re expecting an uptick in business and increased customer service requests, you might need to bring on one or more temporary employees.

Of course, the holiday season might not be the only time you require an infusion of help. Your small business can experience a sales surge at anytime during the year. Make sure your business is prepared with additional staff.

What exactly is a “temporary employee”? This is an employment situation where an employee is expected to remain in a position only for a certain period of time. Temporary employees may have the opportunity for permanent employment status after the time period has lapsed and may also be referred to as seasonal employees or temps.

Here are some tips to help you find employees who will help your business thrive during busy times.


There are many ways you can find and hire quality seasonal help. If you need to hire a lot of workers, check with your local chamber of commerce or SBA office. They might host a seasonal hiring fair or have information on affordable local advertising that will help you get the word out.

Let everyone in your personal and professional circle know that you’re hiring. A friend or a customer might have the perfect person to fill a spot on your holiday team.

Don’t discount social media. If you have a presence on Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat or Instagram, post frequently about your needs. Investigate hashtags – like #job or #hiring - to help get more eyeballs on your post.

Use popular online sites like Craigslist, Indeed and LinkedIn to find qualified job seekers. Make sure that you’ve crafted a comprehensive ad that will speak to the type of person you’d like to hire.

Consider an Intern

Your small business is required to pay interns but the cost might be lower and the enthusiasm higher with this type of seasonal worker. Contact local community colleges, universities or high schools about programs they might have to help small businesses staff up. For more information about creating an internship program, visit this SmartBiz Small Business Blog post: Everything You Need to Know About Interns.

Look for a Virtual Solution

These days, there are a plethora of online companies who have teams of virtual assistants with a variety of skill sets. Consider hiring a remote employee to get you through busy times. Remote employees can help with everything from accounting and customer service to invoicing and social media.


Your job isn’t done once you’ve hired temp employees. Make sure your seasonal employees are well trained and able to handle all customer service issues that might arise. Create a handbook for seasonal employees that covers typical holiday scenarios. You can assign a permanent employee to a temporary worker for hands-on training. Holding a workshop to onboard and train all employees at once can save you valuable time and money.

Comply With Rules and Regulations

Most labor laws - like workplace safety, harassment, discrimination, minimum wage, and overtime - will also apply to temporary workers.

Requirements vary by state, but you’ll typically be required to pay temporary worker’s Social Security and Medicare. Paid leave and health insurance are not required and federal tax withholding laws do apply.

Finally, check out tips in our blog post Hiring Small Business Help. You’ll find valuable information about writing ads and onboarding new workers.

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