December 4, 2021 By Suzanne Robertson

End 2022 on a positive note by showing appreciation for your staff. The best gifts are thoughtful and personalized, showing your team that you care. Of course, if you have a large staff, you can give everyone the same gift, but you should include a personalized card that shows your gratitude for their dedication.

We’ve scoured the internet to find some solid gift suggestions that your employees will love. Below are some gift suggestions that your employees will enjoy as we head towards 2023.

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Table-top fountain

An indoor water fountain provides the peaceful sound of trickling or falling water that can help reduce stress and promote relaxation. Water fountains have also been traditionally used in Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of arranging living spaces, to change the energy in your home. A small, tasteful fountain is a unique gift that can positively enhance the mood. There are a ton of these fountains available online with prices starting around $30.

Fleece blanket

Throw blankets are an easy gift that everyone appreciates, especially as cold weather kicks in across the U.S. Nothing quite says “the perfect gift” like a personal touch. Put an image of your employee’s favorite animal or a coveted nickname on the blanket to give the gift that personal touch. A fun phrase or inspiring quote can also give a personalized touch. Resist the urge to add a company logo. That's trade show convention gear..not necessarily a token of appreciation. Prices generally start around $30.


A low maintenance plant is the ideal gift for remote or in-office employees. Adding some green to your work or living space has a lot of benefits.® lists these benefits:

  • Indoor plants may help reduce stress levels
  • Real plants may sharpen your attention
  • Working with plants can be therapeutic
  • Plants may help you recover from illness faster
  • Plants may boost your productivity
  • Plants may improve your whole outlook on work

For guidance, check out this list: Hard-to-kill indoor plants.

Noise cancelling headphones

Noise cancelling headphones tend to be on a costlier side, but the boost in employee productivity and peace of mind they bring may make them a worthwhile investment. Whether your employees are working from home or from your office, nothing interrupts productivity like the intrusion of noise. This gift is on the pricey side so look for bulk discounts if you are buying for more than one employee.

Online fitness classes

Getting a little exercise each day is a fantastic way to reduce stress and simply feel better. Whether your employees are remote or in your office, an online subscription for fitness classes is a creative gift idea. From kickboxing to Pilates, there are online classes out there for almost every one. The benefits of working out online include ease, the benefit of an expert instructor without the one-on-one cost, and overall health improvements. Combine your gift with something tangible like a water bottle, work-out towel, or a yoga mat.

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Online cooking classes

Cooking at home is a favorite American pastime and was kicked into high gear when the world screeched to a halt in 2020, and quarantine cooking became a thing! Suddenly, it seemed like everyone was in the kitchen working on sourdough bread starter, air frying everything, and trying out a variety of new recipes. Tap into the popularity of cooking by gifting your employees an online cooking class. Choose a plan that ships the meal ingredients to the participants and keep dietary restrictions in mind.


For those who enjoy alcohol, a thoughtfully selected bottle may seem like the perfect gift. When gifting alcohol it's important to be 100% certain that it will be well received. With that in mind, you can get creative when gifting a bottle of booze. You can send your employee’s favorite liquor bottle of vodka, scotch, or tequila with an engraved custom message for a unique gift. Prices start around $25 for a bottle engraving.


Why do food gifts make such a big and lasting impression? It's all in our brains. Researchers have documented that the taste, smell, and texture of food can be extraordinarily evocative, bringing back memories not just of eating food itself but also of place and setting. Food is an effective trigger to deeper memories of feelings and emotions, and internal states of the mind and body. A gift basket filled with yummy snacks is easy to order and is an excellent gift for the “difficult to buy for” person.

Streaming services

Everyone is binging across multiple platforms these days, and there’s no better way to relax after a day at the office or kick back on the weekends than to enjoy a great movie or TV series. There are a host of streaming services available including Netflix®, Disney+®, Hulu®, HBO Max®, and more. If you have a music lover on your staff, they would probably love a subscription to one of the streaming music services. In addition to helping your employees stay cozy at home as the weather gets colder, choosing a TV and movie streaming service is an easy last-minute option that can arrive by email, and won't go out of stock, which is good to keep in mind with the current supply chain interruptions.

In conclusion

A business owner’s relationship with employees must be nurtured and taken care of in order to be beneficial for both employees and the boss. The SmartBiz® Small Business Blog has a host of articles to help you manage employee relations. Check out these resourceful articles for some actionable information:


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