June 11, 2020 By SmartBiz Team

If you run a small business, you are likely always looking for ways to improve your operations and achieve greater success. There are some tools that every business needs to have. These empower your team to work more efficiently, reach more goals and grow the business. The following eight tools are must-have items for any small business.

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1. Payment Processing

If your business can’t accept payment from your customers, you are going to struggle. This process can be complicated as there are multiple parties involved, fees charged and the risk of fraud. Fortunately, many modern payment processing solutions make this easier than ever. Investing in the right processing system is well worth it.

2. Team Communication

Teams need to communicate to achieve results. Increasingly, businesses are working remotely using the internet. Having the right set of tools for virtual communication is essential. This may include video conferencing, instant messaging and more. In some cases, you may find a single solution that covers all these forms of communication.

3. Data Organization

Today, data plays a huge role in business operations. It can help with processes including marketing decisions, customer service and more. Having a user-friendly online database can help you get more done. When you are able to collect and organize your business data efficiently, you can achieve greater success for your business.
Look for a solution that doesn’t require in-depth coding or technical knowledge. There is no reason to have to hire someone just to handle your database when you are running a lean small business.

4. Budgeting

Money is at the heart of every business. Even the most socially conscious organizations need to bring in money and spend it wisely to maximize their impact. Budgeting is an essential part of good financial operations. However, many small businesses are woefully lacking in terms of budgeting, A clear and well-forecasted budget can help you to achieve more with your business.

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5. Marketing Automation

Marketing is a central part of every organization’s success story. Even businesses that don’t use traditional advertising techniques need to market themselves in various ways such as effective packaging and social media. It can be very helpful to have some automated marketing solutions. This will help to keep your pipeline running smoothly without significant input from your team.

6. Customer Management

Customer relationship management is a central part of any organization that has a sales team. It helps those teams to keep track of leads, manage their contacts and ensure that the business is bringing in new sales. While some business types don’t have such as formal sales pipeline, they can still benefit from capturing customer information. Getting a good customer management tool is very valuable.

7. E-Commerce

Selling online can help you to increase the reach of your business and bring in new customers. A good e-commerce tool will make this simple but giving you a powerful user interface for managing your store. Even if you have a service business, it can be helpful to have some e-commerce functionality so that your customers can schedule work even when you aren’t available on the phone.

The quarantine measures in 2020 have helped to illuminate the importance of a robust e-commerce operation. For many businesses, this is the answer to survival in challenging times.

8. Document Management

Authoring, organization and sending documents is a big part of most businesses’ operations. They may be marketing plans, sales agreements, pro-forma financial statements or any other documents. Having a good way to manage them as a team is very helpful. Consider what types of documents your business produces and how you could more easily collaborate online with the right toolset.

Get Started

Explore some of these options and fuel your business’s future success. When your team is equipped with essential items such as the above, you will be ready to reach your goals. Start thinking about which essential tools could help your business today.

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