Exercise and the Entrepreneur

It’s a fact: exercise is one of the key components for good health and longevity.

If that’s not enough to get you up and moving, check out how exercise can actually help you be a better business owner and employer. Here’s a list of exercise benefits for the entrepreneur and how to incorporate movement into your routine.

Benefits for the Entrepreneur

Exercise is good for everyone but it has specific benefits for those running a busy business. One interesting study in Finland followed 5,000 male twins for almost thirty years. By tracking which were active and which were sedentary, they determined that regular exercise contributed to 14 to 17 percent higher long-term income levels.

Stress and small business ownership go hand-in-hand but exercise definitely has direct stress-busting benefits. Physical activity bumps up the production of your brain's feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins. In addition to possibly increasing income and stress relief, aerobic exercise like running can significantly improve your ability to focus and memory.

Invest in Standing Desks

Sitting is the new smoking! Maybe you ground out that last cigarette decades ago…however, there’s a new health threat in town and it’s something everyone does. Yes, sitting too much during the day is bad for your overall health – really bad. Research has linked sitting for long periods of time with a number of health problems, including obesity, increased blood pressure, high blood sugar and abnormal cholesterol levels. Yikes! Some small business owners are constantly on the move. If you’re not one of them, consider investing in a stand up desk. It takes some getting used to but most adapt quickly and end up preferring standing to sitting. If it’s in your budget, set your staff up with convertible desks as well. For more in-depth info on this topic, check out 7 Science-Based Benefits of a Standing Desk 

Encourage “Walking Meetings”

Steve Jobs was famous for his walking meetings around the Apple campus. It’s no secret - exercise is great to help get your creative juices flowing! Instead of sitting across from an employee for a meeting, suggest a walking meeting, if weather permits. Both of you will benefit.

Offer Longer Lunch Breaks

Eating at your desk isn’t healthy for you or your employees. And who wants crumbs on the keyboard? Encourage physical activity during lunchtime by giving your team a longer break. Check with gyms and other exercise studios in your area to see if you can secure a lower cost for classes or memberships.

Give Employees Back the Weekends

If your team is never off the clock – emails and texts fly around during the evenings or on weekends – implement a “no work during off hours” policy.

A 2016 study, “Exhausted But Unable to Disconnect,” shows that employees are growing exhausted by the expectation that they will always be available, never knowing what kind of work requests will be asked of them off hours. Encourage employees to use a little of that extra time gained for physical activity.

Still Not Convinced?

Speaker, writer, and entrepreneur Josh Steimle recently penned an article "Why Exercising Is a Higher Priority Than My Business". He writes, “Putting exercise first creates a win-win.” Check out his article and learn how he’s a more effective businessman because of his commitment to exercise. His best advice? “Exercise must come first, or it’s unlikely to happen at all.” Here are some real life exercise stories to inspire you: The Energizing Workouts These 7 Entrepreneurs Do to Start Their Days. Time to get up and get moving!

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