June 29, 2016 By Suzanne Robertson

It’s Customer Appreciation Month at SmartBiz! Not only do we love helping small business owners get low-cost funds, we also love supporting small businesses.

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Team enjoying tasteful additionsFrom the local coffee shop to the flower store on the corner, our team strives to “shop small”. When we saw the product line-up at the Tasteful Additions specialty shop in Rochester, New York, we just knew we needed to try some of the tapenades, oils, vinegars and salts.

We jumped on the website and in a few days, armed with some yummy baguettes from a local bakery, we were ready for a tasting party!

The office event was a smashing success. Not only was the team happy to chill out, they were crazy about the snacks.

SmartBiz CMO Judy Balint is a true fan. She says, “The Fig balsamic was INCREDIBLE! I can see why people order it online from across the country!”

Thanks to Tasteful Additions owner Asha Waterstreet for all that you do to support the economy!


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