6 Ways To Boost Your Small Business Marketing Efforts

If you want your business to succeed, you need to bring in new business regularly. However, with so many different brands competing for attention and customers’ dollars, it can be challenging to reach your audience persuasively. These are six ways that you can boost your marketing efforts and improve your bottom line.

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1. Start Networking

Get out there and meet people. You may be surprised how often you can achieve something positive for your business simply by attending a chamber of commerce event or chatting with the right people.

If you run a business-to-business operation, there is often a direct benefit of networking. You get the chance to meet new prospects and potentially convert some sales. If you sell to consumers, this can be a little less obvious. Nonetheless, there is still a benefit to growing your network. For example, you may meet a new sales channel partner.

2. Give Back

Sometimes the best way to improve your marketing efforts is to give back to your community. This is especially significant if you have a local business. When you are seen actively participating in your local area, you boost your business’s visibility. Additionally, your philanthropic efforts improve goodwill towards your brand.

This can also be a great way to improve team morale. Consider volunteering with your sales and marketing team to seriously increase your marketing impact.

3. Create Valuable Content

Content marketing is one of the best ways to draw new leads to your brand. The goal is to create content that is valuable and worth sharing and/or searching for. If people are interested in consuming the content you are producing, they will interact with your brand. Those interactions can be converted into potential leads.

For example, if you sell software, you could produce a relevant webinar. Be careful, however. You don’t want your content marketing to simply be a sales pitch. Instead, it should be directly valuable to the audience.


4. Get Organized

One of the best things you can do for your sales and marketing efforts is to get more organized. From lead generation to closing, you should keep track of your sales process. If you are a B2B organization, this will be using a customer relationship management tool to keep track of contact information and position in the sales funnel.

For B2C companies, you should use a similar approach to tracking your marketing channels. You may not need to track individual customers, but you should be tracking your conversion rates at the very least.

5. Ask for Referrals

Your current customers may know other potential customers. You may be surprised how many will be willing to give you referrals or recommend your business to friends if you ask. Many people simply do not think of doing so.

You should tailor your approach to your audience. If you have a long sales cycle and make high-value sales, you may want to ask customers directly. Your sales team likely has established relationships with customers, so this should be simple. Alternatively, if you have much shorter sales cycles with many customers, consider sending out an email requesting referrals.

6. Go Social

Social media is a powerful tool in the right hands. Your audience is likely already using social networks to communicate and connect. If you can deliver messages to your audience on social media, you can engage them in ways that aren’t possible in other channels.

When you interact on social media, there are opportunities for two-way interaction. Additionally, many networks have built-in tools for targeting advertisements to users. Making full use of the power of social media can help you to significantly boost your marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

Discover more about marketing and set your business up for success. The keys to a thriving business lie in having a great, thorough promotional strategy. The more you learn about this topic, the better equipped you will be to achieve lasting success.