March 21, 2022 By Suzanne Robertson

Over the past decade, the gift card industry has seen tremendous growth, as gift cards have become more and more popular with both gifters and recipients. A survey conducted by the National Retail Federation revealed that 60% of people prefer gift cards over physical gifts.

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Unlike pencil holders, mugs and cheese baskets, gift cards are easy to pick out, easy to send, and virtually guarantee you’ll have given a useful gift.

They are a great option for any business, any customer and any occasion. And setting up a gift card system has never been easier. To make sure your gift card really makes a splash with your customer, you’ll want to make sure it comes in a package that not only delivers the card, but also delivers a unique branding statement with a highly personal touch.

Here are some great ways to up the “wow” factor on your gift card presentation.

1. Use Gift Card Envelopes

Small envelopes designed specifically for gift cards can create a festive presentation, protect cards in the mail, ensure they reach the correct recipient, and offer a great branding opportunity. The design options are practically unlimited in terms of meeting marketing goals. Enhance brand recognition with your brand colors and logo. Add your contact information to generate leads. You might even squeeze in a key message. You can also personalize your gift card envelopes to make your customers feel appreciated and reinforce that building relationships is one of your company’s dearly held values.

2. Use Protectors

Gift card sleeves are another way to enhance the appearance and security of your gift cards. Like envelopes, they offer myriad opportunities for branding and personalization.

One easy way to get a great brand look is to find a good graphic designer to help you make the most of the relatively small space by adding logos, contact information, and, for maximum impact, branding gift cards with company colors. Including blank spaces in your design will let you personalize them with card details such as the gift card amount, delivery instructions, greetings, etc.

3. Consider Custom Shapes

A unique shape is another way to add some pizzazz to your gift card package. For food gift cards, for example, you might go for packages that look like cakes, pizza, etc. Or, you might make them into fruit shapes such as bananas, mangoes, apples, etc. Your designer can help you create a design that melds a unique shape with your branding to make sure the package is a win for the recipient and your marketing strategy.

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Another popular shape is a little gift bag-shaped card holder. These not only add appeal to the presentation, but also give you the flexibility to use them for any kind of gift card.

You can let your imagination take your presentation anywhere you want to go. Food, vehicles, animals, emotions, even your company products - when it comes to wowing your customers with custom shapes, the only limit is how much fun you want to have with it!

4. Make Custom Themes

You can also customize unique and attractive packages to make special life events like birthdays and weddings even more memorable for the recipients. For birthday gift card packages you might choose a theme that speaks to the recipient's gender, age, or interests. For children, for example, you might add cartoons or characters from their favorite TV shows.

Wedding-themed packages might be shaped like a wedding cake, a ring, a wedding gown or a tuxedo. Going the extra distance to make a gift card personal and special adds a little joy to these cherished moments. Your effort can help create memories that last a lifetime and will be deeply appreciated by the recipient.

5. Add Accessories

Ribbons, bows, stickers, and charms are all little touches that add up to big appeal. You're never limited to how far a little creativity will take your presentation.

Ribbons not only make a package look beautiful, but they’re also an opportunity to enhance your branding by using your company’s signature colors. With a little thought, any accessory can fit into your company’s recognizable look or any event theme.


Gifting is a great way to express appreciation, gratitude and support. And gift cards are an increasingly popular way to ensure you’re giving a gift that will be appreciated and remembered and enhance your customers’ positive feelings about your business, especially if it comes in a cool package. So, feel free to go all out when creating fantastic gift card packages for your business. The more thought you put into creating it, the more your gift and your efforts will delight their recipients.

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