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Getting your email subscriber list populated is a hard task to do. Getting the names through CRM or asking your website visitors to subscribe to your newsletter can seem to take forever. However, when you eventually have the names, you have to strive to retain the subscribers.

This task can be more difficult than the initial email to get subscribers. Trying to re-engage with lost connections is just like trying to regain their trust. How can you do this?

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Write captivating emails

If you like checking boxes off a checklist, you can apply that method too by making a checklist of what should be included in your email. Your email should have three primary factors, which are:

  • Catchy subject line
  • A relevant and captivating headline
  • Call-to-action at the end of your email

These three factors mentioned above make an interesting and effective re-engagement that will solicit a response by all means to willing individuals. The purpose of the subject line is for your email to get clicked by your subscriber who doesn't engage with your emails anymore.

When your email is clicked on, the headline should keep the subscribers reading. Finally, the call-to-action will prompt them to respond by engaging to your email, by either responding or clicking on an embedded link.

Above that, you should also customize your emails. If you are not an email writing expert, try online writing help for the best content.

Customize your emails

A generic email might seem like a better sounding email regarding time-saving, that's when you should ask yourself what your main priority is.

Are you prioritizing your time or your subscriber's needs? Instead of writing a generic email, customize your email for each particular individual that has ditched engaging to your email. This is more than just addressing the individual by name but involves a personalized approach.

You need to go through your customer logs and see what products that subscriber liked and then offer products related to that through his email. Show your inactive subscribers what they are missing by emailing them offers they would buy or promote new products with this same method.

Ask for problems, give solutions

Finding out why your inactive subscribers have disengaged with your emails is very important if you want to win those subscribers back. This may not require anything more than just asking.

Ask why they disengaged and the quality of professionalism and customer satisfaction of their past engagement. The answers will help you to solve that issue directly and by doing that you will retain that subscriber individually.

Asking can also help you realize the errors you do without even recognizing that may lead to more disengagements from your subscriber. Notify your subscribers that you will solve those problems and tell them when you have fixed those problems.

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Offer deals & Promotions

Using deals and promos to draw back the attention of inactive subscribers has proved to be very effective. This tactic used by most companies is effective because it makes your customers feel how much you care about their savings.

Your deals and promos will cause your inactive subscribers to double back, open and engage with your emails. Writing the offer on the subject line will captivate the attention of your subscribers and if that deal is good, they will click on your email.

For catchy phrases, quality email content and clickable headlines, you need an expert writer. A custom paper writing service is the perfect choice here.

To stress the urgency, you can time your offers so they won't procrastinate and end up not opening the mail. End your email by a powerful call-to-action with a link to that promo or offer.

Highlight the benefits

Your subscribers may have disengaged from your emails because they didn't see the importance or benefits of your products. Remind them of the value of your products without being too technical, show them what they have been missing by including new products that are relative to each individual's preferences.

New products will instigate an engagement because your inactive followers may want to check them out. Your customers will be less likely to convert to your competitors because they have established a trusted relationship with you.

Your relationship with your subscribers and highlighted benefits is a great method to win back your customers.

Segment your inactive subscribers

Categorizing inactive subscribers according to their duration of inactivity, the reason for inactivity and even demographic data, can help a lot. This information will help you determine the most common problems and give you the opportunity to correct them.

Your segments will also help you realize the efficacy of your mailing approach. You may need to change it a little bit for maximum subscriber engagement. Segmenting your inactive subscribers will also help you write target specific mail and combat each error you are making individually.

Your subscribers will appreciate your emails personalized to their needs and in that way, you will retain them.

Write a series of emails

Your efforts should not be cut short by only sending one email and immediately quitting. Rather send a few emails periodically to make sure whether your inactive subscriber needs to be let go. Try sending 3-4 emails with different subject lines and offers and content with the intention to reach out for a re-engagement.

Don't make the mistake of resending one and the same email without changing the content or offer. However, a winner knows when to stop. To cut your losses by preventing bad company reputation by being called spam, unsubscribe those inactive users that aren't budging. Don't be afraid to pull the plug when required.

To conclude

Retaining your subscribers is a good way to maintain your business flow because a considerable amount of business comes from the current customers you have. So, whenever a subscriber disengages try by all means to win them back by using the above methods.

You have to be patient sometimes to see the results, which are why you shouldn't quit over one failed attempt. Also, have an honest introspection of your company and services and see where you can improve.


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