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A Canadian online retail company Shopify is now one of the most popular online platforms for small business owners in the U.S. What once was intended to be an online snowboarding equipment shop, is now an online retail platform that supports over 600,000 entrepreneurs.

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Shopify is also a very profitable platform. Its revenue has jumped 68% since the beginning of 2018 and its total revenue for 2017 comprised 580.9 million dollars. This fact may have something to do with Shopify allowing merchants to sell on Instagram since March 2018. Entrepreneurs now can connect their businesses on Shopify to their Instagram accounts to get more exposure and attract more potential consumers.

To make the Instagram and Shopify strategy successful, you need to do your homework. We’ve prepared three steps to take to begin selling on Instagram for Shopify.

Connect Your Shopify Store to Instagram

First of all, add the Instagram channel to your Shopify store. To do that, you’ll need to complete a number of steps:

  • After entering your admin page, click the ‘+’ button near the Sales channels option
  • Click ‘Instagram’ on the Add sales channel option
  • Choose ‘Add channel’
  • Use your Facebook account to confirm the authenticity of your Instagram account.

Here comes the tricky part: Your shop will be reviewed by Instagram for approval, as only Instagram can enable the product tagging feature.

To increase the chances that Instagram will approve your shop, review sites give the following advice:

  • Ensure Instagram that your Instagram profile is a business account. To do it, go to the ‘Settings’ on Instagram and choose an appropriate option.
  • Create a Facebook catalog for your shop.
  • Display engaging posts.

The end result should look like this:


Work on Making Engaging Content

Today’s marketing world is all about using visual content. According to the report prepared by Social Media Examiner, 41% of respondents claimed that visual content is the most engaging and important type of content.

Creating high-quality visual content for Instagram is a must. In addition to using Instagram filters for your photos and short videos, you can benefit from the following tools:

  • Canva: This tool allows you to create original images, logos and add cool elements to your pictures. It also comes as an app for your phone. You can edit the photos right on your smartphone and easily upload them on Instagram.
  • Over: Another great app for your phone to add beautiful textual elements and artwork to your photos.

Use the Tools to Increase Your Instagram Following

Your Instagram followers are the potential clients for your Shopify store. If you’re already making great engaging content but still don’t have enough followers (and want to attract more people as fast as possible), consider using some of these tools:

  • Grum: it’s well known that you need to schedule your Instagram posts to reach more people. Most members of your target audience may have a chance to access Instagram only at particular hours, and Grum allows you to analyze the activity of your audience and choose the exact time when you should upload your posts.
  • Later: this tool allows you to store and schedule your posts. It’s perfect if you have a complex schedule for your Instagram posts.

Wrapping Up

Using Instagram as a channel for your Shopify business can bring you lots of benefits, including a growing number of customers and more web exposure. Use these tips and tools to establish a successful Instagram business account that can help you grow your Shopify business.


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