May 3, 2017 By Suzanne Robertson

Mother's Day is coming! Mother’s Day is a huge day for brunch, flowers and candy. Even if your business doesn’t offer “traditional” Mother’s day products or services, you can make the most of this special day.

Here are a few easy-to-implement ideas that can drive traffic and increase your profits.

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1) Announce It!

Send an Email blast to remind customers that you have products or services to make mom happy. In addition to email, print a gift guide to hand out in your store a few weeks before the big day. Highlight creative and unique ideas. This is the perfect time to offer a dedicated promotion – consider a 20% discount, special gift wrapping or free shipping.

2) Go Social

If you have a presence across social media platforms, increase engagement with creative promotions. Check out these ideas and how-to advice:

  • Facebook: Facebook doesn’t have to be complicated. You can easily create a “timeline contest”. That simply means putting up a post and asking your followers to give an answer or post a photo. One cute idea that has worked well is to ask for a “throwback” photo of mom. The picture with the most likes wins a fun prize.
  • Twitter: A retweet to win hashtag (#RT2Win) can attract new followers and elevate your brand. There are several ways you can up engagement on this popular platform by offering a prize that moms will love. The prize doesn’t need to be your own products or services – consider a gift basket, spa certificate or a coupon for a dozen roses. This article has great tips and tricks so your contest will run smoothly: How to Run a Successful Twitter Contest
  • Instagram: Instagram continues to gain popularity and has the highest engagement of any social media platforms. Check out Instagram Contest Ideas from marketing agency ThriveHive.

3) In Store Giveaways

On the big day, offer moms who visit your store a special treat. A single red rose, a small bag of chocolates or another thoughtful trinket can bring current and future customers in the door. A squeezable stress ball is something every mom could use from time to time. Get creative!

4) Product Bundles

Products don’t need to be mom-themed to be sold together. A “One for you and one for Mom” product duo is a creative way to offer two items or services. More traditionally, simply take a bestselling product and bundle with another for a special price.

5) Get the Kids Involved

If you have a physical store location, host special activities the week before to help kids prepare. Dedicate a space where kids can craft Mother’s Day cards or decorate another inexpensive item like wooden picture frames. (These are very inexpensive from a craft store like Michaels) Jazz up the day with balloon or popcorn giveaways.

6) Run a Groupon campaign

A Groupon offering that is mom-friendly can bring traffic in the door and introduce your business to new consumers. Qualifying merchants may even be featured in the Mother’s Day Groupon gift shop.

7) Raise Money/Awareness

Do good this Mother’s Day. Donate a portion of all sales on Mother’s Day or on specific items to a local charity or non-profit that works with disadvantaged moms.

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