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SmartBiz Team

SmartBiz Team

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We’re a diverse and distributed team of technologists working together to transform small business banking. We’re making bold moves and scaling quickly under the committed leadership of an executive team working on behalf of entrepreneurs and the forward-thinking banks that serve them.

How we work

Our core values help enable us to pursue an ambitious and important vision and to make an immediate impact in the lives of the entrepreneurs we serve. We believe in diversity of thought and perspectives, which is why we rotate authors on our team to ensure our blog content reflects varying viewpoints. This allows each SmartBiz team member to contribute to providing valuable resources to small business owners.

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About the SmartBiz Editorial Process

Our writers and editors work hard to provide the most accurate and up-to-date blog posts. Our editorial process reflects our vision and standards and applies to all content. Learn more about how we write, edit, and fact check our posts:

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Posts By SmartBiz Team

December 16, 2021

Marketing Guide for Small Business Owners

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), small businesses with under $5 million in revenue should invest seven to eight percent of their revenue into... Read More >>
December 16, 2021

Small Business Operations Guide for Business Owners

Even the smallest of businesses are composed of many moving parts. As a small business owner, you’re the person grinding all these gears to achieve success. And with... Read More >>
December 16, 2021

Cost Of Sales vs COGS: 8 Ways To Differentiate The Terms

Both cost of goods sold (COGS) and net sales, which require knowing the cost of sales to calculate, are key lines on your small business’s income statement. COGS and... Read More >>
December 16, 2021

Ecommerce Guide for Small Business Owners

According to one survey, there might be up to 24 million ecommerce businesses in the world. Considering how rapidly ecommerce is growing, it’s safe to assume that this... Read More >>
December 15, 2021

Benefits of Building a Custom App for Your Small Business

Small business owners might assume that creating a completely bespoke software app is only something that large organizations can justify and afford. In reality, this... Read More >>
December 15, 2021

Employee Management Guide for Small Business Owners

You’ve got plenty on your plate as a small business owner, and chances are you’re not doing this all alone – your employees likely pull a lot of this weight. That’s... Read More >>
December 15, 2021

Customer Service Guide for Small Businesses

The first impressions your employees make on a potential (or returning) customer can have a lasting impact. That’s why focusing on providing top-notch customer service... Read More >>
December 14, 2021

Small Business Growth Guide for Ambitious Business Owners

A successful business never stays stagnant. Even household-name companies are constantly changing up how they do things to keep expanding their footprint. These... Read More >>
December 6, 2021

4 Employee Scheduling Apps And The Benefits Of Using Them

In the past few decades, the modern workplace has become increasingly more flexible. More employers than ever allow their employees to work remotely or are flexible... Read More >>

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