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SmartBiz University (SBU) provides unique, educational content designed to empower small business owners with the opportunity to gain a richer understanding of SBA and bank loan financing. We adapted the content from our own rigorous training program for SmartBiz team members.


SBA Loans • See if you Pre-Qualify


We'll guide you through some of the most common financial topics our team members learn during their first years at SmartBiz, so you can leverage your resources and gain invaluable insights into the financial status of your business. From the history of the SBA, to cash flow analysis, credit reports, and everything in between, we'll provide you with educational materials that can help you gain the knowledge needed to enrich your understanding of business financials and expand your entrepreneurial skills.

Now that you're oriented, check out our educational content to brush up on your finance skills or learn more about key elements our lending partners look for when evaluating potential borrowers. Each module is a complete crash course with text, video and case studies to ensure you're on track to enhancing your business financial literacy and success.


Module Structure:

  • Course material (text and/or video)
  • Case study


 What you need to know: The information provided through SmartBiz® University and the articles contained therein are for educational purposes only. Use of this information is not a replacement for personal, professional advice or assistance regarding your finances or credit history.