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October 26, 2022

Small Business Loans to Consider: 6 Options

When you need small business funding, a financial history that’s less-than may sometimes stand in your way– but not always. A poor credit score may put the very... Read More
October 24, 2022

Small Business Funding: How to Get a Loan for a Bakery

As a bakery owner, you’ll find that opening the doors to your shop – and growing your customer base – generally requires a lot of money. While your revenue can help... Read More
October 19, 2022

How To Get a Business Loan With No Revenue: 7 Options

Running a small business may be expensive, but the old adage is true: It can take money to make money. That’s where outside funding comes in. An infusion of capital... Read More
October 14, 2022

Small Business Loan Options Post-Hurricane Ian

At SmartBiz®, we recognize that small businesses are the backbone of America. Recently, entrepreneurs in Southwest Florida faced an unbelievable challenge that is... Read More
September 27, 2022

6 Business Renovation Loans for When it's Time for an Upgrade

Growing your business typically requires more working capital than you might have on hand. That’s especially true with business renovations, where changes that could... Read More
September 19, 2022

Can You Get a Long-Term Business Loan Without Great Credit? Here's What You Need to Know

If your business goals mean you need funding, you might worry that finding loans is impossible with a low credit score. You might also know funding options available... Read More
September 15, 2022

Small Business Loan Repayment: 7 Easy Steps to Pay It Back

Whether you’re expanding a business or upgrading your equipment, there’s one thing that you’ll need above anything else: working capital. As the saying goes, you need... Read More
September 09, 2022

SBA Loans vs. Alternative Loans: What's Best for You?

As a business owner ready to expand, you’ll find a plethora of small business funding options available to you. If you tried to qualify for a traditional loan through... Read More
September 05, 2022

How to Fill Out a Personal Financial Statement - SBA Form 413

A Small Business Administration (SBA) loan is often one of the best types of loans for small business owners because of lower rates and long repayment terms. The SBA –... Read More

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1. We conduct a soft credit pull that will not affect your credit score. However, in processing your loan application, the lenders with whom we work will request your full credit report from one or more consumer reporting agencies, which is considered a hard credit pull and happens after your application is in the funding process and matched with a lender who is likely to fund your loan

2. Numbers based on internal reporting and metrics

3. Based on FY2020 SBA loans data released by the SBA for SBA 7(a) loans under $350,000

4. This calculator is a tool meant to help you estimate monthly payment amounts based on the information you enter. The monthly payment provided is an estimate meant for illustrative purposes only, loan sizes, interest rates, and loan terms vary and are determined by the applicant's credit profile.