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June 14, 2023

16 Mistakes to Avoid When Seeking an SBA Loan

Seeking outside funding for your small business may be stressful. From determining how much and what type of funding to making sure you’re getting an affordable loan, there’s... Read More >>
June 12, 2023

Small Business Operations: Managing Billable Hours and Expenses

Let’s say your company sells products. In that case, you make the product, set its price to make a profit, and sell it. Your profit typically doesn’t vary with the time you... Read More >>
June 9, 2023

Thriving Through the Summer Season: A Guide to Small Business Growth

Longer days and rising temperatures often mean uncertainty for small businesses. Depending on your business, summer may bring a boom in activity and sales as people take... Read More >>
June 8, 2023

What to Know Before Applying for a Business Loan

Taking out a small business loan may be the right move if you're looking for capital to grow your business. But before you start the loan application process, there are a few... Read More >>
June 6, 2023

11 Ways to Manage Small Business Payroll Options

Payroll issues may cause your employees to be unhappy, stressed, and unproductive. Make sure you choose a payroll system that works for your unique business so you are able... Read More >>
June 2, 2023

Using Word of Mouth Marketing to Boost Your Small Business

When you opened the doors to your small business, you may have hoped that word of mouth would be enough to bring in customers. But it turns out getting the word out generally... Read More >>
May 31, 2023

SBA 7(a) Loan: How to Get the Popular SBA Loan

Business growth is exciting, yet it may stretch a small business to its limits. An SBA 7(a) loan may sustain a business until it reaches the next phase of business... Read More >>
May 30, 2023

How to Unite Your Team During Times of Change

Since 2020, we’ve all endured a lot of change in the workplace and the world. Economic uncertainty continues to lurk. The Great Resignation of 2022 has been followed... Read More >>
May 24, 2023

Interest Rates Increased Again. What Does it Mean for Your Business?

As part of their attempt to combat inflation, the Federal Reserve (Fed) recently announced a 0.25% rate hike, bringing the prime rate to 8.25%. This rate may be at or nearing... Read More >>

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1. We conduct a soft credit pull that will not affect your credit score. However, in processing your loan application, the lenders with whom we work will request your full credit report from one or more consumer reporting agencies, which is considered a hard credit pull and happens after your application is in the funding process and matched with a lender who is likely to fund your loan

2. Numbers based on internal reporting and metrics

3. Based on FY2020 SBA loans data released by the SBA for SBA 7(a) loans under $350,000

4. This calculator is a tool meant to help you estimate monthly payment amounts based on the information you enter. The monthly payment provided is an estimate meant for illustrative purposes only, loan sizes, interest rates, and loan terms vary and are determined by the applicant's credit profile.