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Kristin Woodward

Kristin Woodward


Kristin Woodward is a creative director and writer based in Atlanta. She knew she wanted to be a writer when she won a fifth-grade poetry contest. Her passion grew from there, leading her to pursue a career in advertising. Once an owner of a boutique digital marketing agency, Kristin has a deep understanding of the trials and triumphs small business owners face daily. The content she writes reflects that experience. Kristin loves traveling the world with her husband and teenage daughter as much as she loves a trip to the dog park with her pups, Lily and Carter.


Kristin has worked as a copywriter and creative director for agencies including The Martin Agency, AKQA, Razorfish and 160over90. Her industry experience spans finance, travel, personal care, non-profit and more, working with clients like Arthritis Foundation, AT&T, Burt’s Bees, Capital One, DirecTV, Southwest Airlines and Wounded Warrior Project. She also headed up content marketing efforts at marketing agency, Yalo, and was the MediaWorks editor at WORKMAGAZINE, a regional magazine focusing on career, life and leisure activities in Richmond, Va.


Kristin holds a master’s degree in Advertising Copywriting from VCU Brandcenter and a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Rollins College.

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Posts By Kristin Woodward

September 7, 2023 9:00:00 AM Z

What Is An SBA Loan And How To Get One

If you own a small business, chances are you have heard about the SBA and small business loans. Here are some fast facts about the Small Business Administration, and how an... Read More
July 31, 2023 6:30:00 AM Z

5 Safe Funding Options for Your Small Business

“Weather for small business is sunny, but remarkably unpleasant. It is humid, hot, and sticky with storm clouds on the horizon.” Read More
July 28, 2023 8:15:00 AM Z

Tips to Help Small Business Borrowers Maximize Their Borrowing Power

Outside funding is often a vital ingredient for a small business’s growth and success. Whether you’re looking to expand your operations, invest in new equipment, or weather... Read More
July 20, 2023 8:45:00 AM Z

5 Signs That a Business Loan May Be a Smart Decision

We often hear the question, “If my business is profitable, why would I need a loan?” While it sounds counterintuitive, there are typically many reasons a thriving company may... Read More
July 18, 2023 12:30:00 PM Z

Big Banks and Small Loans: Why is it So Hard to Get Funding?

Historically, there have always been fluctuations in big bank lending to small businesses. Big banks may adjust their lending strategies depending on the overall economic... Read More
July 14, 2023 7:00:00 AM Z

Get to Know Your Customers and Get Ahead

Are you looking for ways to better understand your customers? Then Get to Know Your Customers Day is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Observed on the third Thursday... Read More
July 11, 2023 9:30:00 AM Z

5 Clever Ways Small Businesses Can Give Back Locally

According to a recent survey by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, even though small businesses continue to be concerned about the economy, most still give back to their... Read More
July 7, 2023 9:00:00 AM Z

How Independent Retailer Month May Help You Boost Your Business

“If every family in the U.S. spent an extra $10 a month at a locally owned, independent business instead of a national chain, over $9.3 billion would be directly returned to... Read More
July 6, 2023 6:00:00 AM Z

Cash Flow vs. Profit: What's More Important?

When it comes to the financial health of your business, both cash flow and profit generally play vital roles. However, they are not the same thing. To thrive, a successful... Read More

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