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Refinancing a Small-Business Loan: 7 Smart Tips

Refinancing a small-business loan can be a critical step if you’re an entrepreneur looking to grow your company — especially if you’re struggling with monthly, or even daily, loan payments. A refi can lift you out of that debt trap by getting you a lower rate and reducing your loan payments, says DealStruck CEO Ethan Senturia. He says it could also be a way to unlock equity if a refi brings in additional financing.

Online Lending Basics for Small-Business Loans

If you’re in the market for a small-business loan, you may have heard of online lenders, alternative lenders or marketplace lenders. These phrases all describe the new class of unregulated, non-bank lenders that have emerged in recent years, providing financing to small businesses that banks consider too risky.

Small-Business Loans for Business Owners With Bad Credit

If you have bad credit – a personal FICO score between 300 and 629 – it’s not wise to apply for a small-business loan from a bank. You’ll likely get rejected, and that will hurt your score even more. But you have small-business loan options from online lenders. They use algorithms to analyze borrowers’ creditworthiness based on a combination of data points, not just credit score.

An Uber-Like Revolution… In Investing

Matt Quinlan calls it a pain in the ass. Investing in the stock market, that is (or shall we say, of course). So the San Francisco-based personal injury attorney says he didn’t bother with it until about a year ago, when he got an email from GoPro, the wearable videocam maker, explaining that he could buy into the company’s initial public offering of shares — for free — through a little-known company called Loyal3.

Why Sam’s Club Bet On SmartBiz

The wave of alternative lending options for small businesses has, without question, filled a hole in the credit markets left in the wake of the Great Recession. The old problem was that small business owners simply weren’t able to gain access to credit – and that problem rapidly grew beyond startups with a limited history or companies with uneven credit records.

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