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What Small Business Owners Need to Know About the Loan Constant

Borrowing money helps small businesses grow and thrive. Access to funds can help small business owners buy new equipment, hire staff, consolidate debt and more. With new online lenders emerging, access to affordable funds is increasing and small business owners are feeling better about their prospects. According to research this year from American Express OPEN, of the small business owners interviewed, 93% said that they were confident they could access the capital required to grow their businesses.

SmartBiz Lets Small Businesses Get SBA Loans Fast

When Dawn Brolin, owner of Windham, Connecticut-based Powerful Accounting, needed capital to fund her firm’s growth, she decided to skip the bank and try an online lender. Although she was qualified for a traditional bank loan, she wanted to test the waters of alternative lending and share the experience with her small-business clients.

Small-Business Loans for Doctors Prepping for ICD-10

If you’re a U.S. doctor, you’re probably bracing yourself for the financial fallout from ICD-10 — a major shift in the way physicians document medical diagnoses. The change, which takes effect Oct. 1, has prompted some doctors to look for small-business loans to finance necessary software, training programs and more, which could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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