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An Uber-Like Revolution… In Investing

Matt Quinlan calls it a pain in the ass. Investing in the stock market, that is (or shall we say, of course). So the San Francisco-based personal injury attorney says he didn’t bother with it until about a year ago, when he got an email from GoPro, the wearable videocam maker, explaining that he could buy into the company’s initial public offering of shares — for free — through a little-known company called Loyal3.

Why Sam’s Club Bet On SmartBiz

The wave of alternative lending options for small businesses has, without question, filled a hole in the credit markets left in the wake of the Great Recession. The old problem was that small business owners simply weren’t able to gain access to credit – and that problem rapidly grew beyond startups with a limited history or companies with uneven credit records.

Creating a Path to Bankability

I’ve become somewhat known — and sometimes criticized — for being an opponent of “alternative lenders.”

My critics think that I am against the alternative-lending industry as a whole. This isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, in our loan brokerage we put business owners into alternative loans when we can’t get them bank or SBA loans, and we get paid for it.

SBA Loans Funded Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

OK, maybe not quite that fast, but faster than I’ve ever heard of. Last week I met Evan Singer of SmartBiz for the first time. Yes, they specialize in small business loans. Yes, they have SBA loans under $150,000 figured out down to a science. And yes, they are on the Lendio platform—but their relationship with Lendio isn’t why I’m talking about them nor am I being compensated by them to share their story.

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