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Automate and expand your small dollar lending while reducing processing costs

As SBA and conventional small business loan applications continue to move online, the SmartBiz platform applies new technologies to help banks reduce the complexity and cost of loan application processing and compliance. Keep your small business customers excited about your offerings and help them get the right financing at the right time.

Dynamic Application

Easy-to-use, dynamic online application that can streamline the process and allow you to serve more small business owners.

White-glove service

White-glove and high-tech packaging process for customers supported by automated document preparation, management, and verification.

AI technology

Strong technology and tools that review hundreds of attributes to help analyze and manage credit risk in the post-COVID environment.

What our bank partners say

TAB Bank

"We’ve tried partnering with similar institutions, and we can say from experience that SmartBiz has the best platform we’ve worked with... The conventional loans [we added through SmartBiz] have provided roughly 500 new customers since inception, [and] our partnership on PPP [loans] added roughly 10,000."

Tyler Heap, CEO


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Five Star Bank

"Headcount reduction is certainly one measure of efficiency, but more important is how many deals you can do in a month with the same number of people. For example, doing 20 loans a year with 3 people or 300 loans a year with 10 people. That is where you really get the efficiencies. We’re able to cut out 90% of the work... so we’re much more efficient than our retail side."

Jim Beckwith, CEO


Download the Five Star Bank Case Study

Supercharged SBA and small business lending made easy

Application Management
Our technology streamlines the application process for both SBA and traditional bank term loans. With a focus on compliance, it intelligently sorts applications to classify those that are most likely to meet a bank’s specific pre-qualification criteria.

Document Capture with Real-time Notifications
The SmartBiz platform automatically captures SBA as well as bank required documentation securely in the cloud, and provides borrowers with real-time activity notification so they can provide any missing data or additional documentation for their loan application.

Automated Review
Our technology enables banks to more efficiently review and analyze loan applications, including cash flow and other financial ratio calculations, to help reduce errors and minimize risk.

We digitize your bank pre-qualification criteria to help you make more efficient and accurate assessments of loan applications. The pre-qualification process provides your customers with an assessment in less than 5 minutes.

Online File Audit
SmartBiz’s platform provides you with a digitized loan application file to help reduce processing time on your side, enhance compliance, and expedite the file audit.

SmartBiz software enables banks to more efficiently process loan applications through the bank's credit memo, documentation, and closing process.