SmartBiz: Helping Small Business Owners Acquire Low-Cost Capital

Recently, Forbes reporter Moira Vetter interviewed Sean O’Malley, the co-founder of SmartBiz. They discussed the challenges entrepreneurs face when seeking funds and how SmartBiz is the solution, offering low-cost SBA loans through a fast and easy process from banks in the SmartBiz network. Here’s an overview of her article outlining how SmartBiz is making a real difference to help small business owners grow and save money.


The 2008 financial crisis drastically changed the market for small business owners seeking a loan to expand and grow. In short, banks stopped lending to small businesses. It’s not just a cliché; small businesses are the backbone of America. A source of economic strength, small businesses create new jobs and bring innovative products and services to the marketplace. Since the housing bubble burst during 2007-2008 they have struggled to maintain their foothold. A report published by the SBA shows that the decline in bank lending was far more severe for small businesses than for larger firms. Small business owners can find themselves wasting a lot of time and energy to produce required paperwork only to be ultimately turned down for a loan.

The Birth of SmartBiz

The SmartBiz founders knew there had to be a better way and asked the question, “What if traditional banks could offer SBA Loans at a speed more like alternative lenders?” A better way meant enabling banks to efficiently fund great businesses by using technology and good old American ingenuity. SmartBiz wanted to help banks operate more like alternative lenders and to enable those banks to offer SBA loans. O’Malley says that SmartBiz is the “ultimate marketplace” for the SBA loan bringing together together entrepreneurs seeking capital with large banks who can provide that affordable capital. 

Why SBA Loans?

Small Business owners are concerned about the cost of capital and their ability to make the loan payments. Because of low rates and long terms, payments are very low. Smaller payments won’t crunch your cash flow and impact day-to-day operations.

SBA loans from banks in the SmartBiz network are up to $350,000 and up to $5 million for commercial real estate SBA loans.

Streamlined Process

O’Malley tells Vetter that value, not flash, is the heart of the SmartBiz marketplace. The SmartBiz process is 100% online. Borrowers can prequalify in just 5 minutes with no impact on their credit score. Funds can be available in just 7 – 10 days after they complete the application. SmartBiz aims to deliver a ‘whole solution.’


SmartBiz is focused on helping banks acquire more small business customers by helping them better package loans and better automate the process. As O’Malley puts it, by instituting the banks criteria in an ‘automagic’ fashion, SmartBiz can handle origination in a closer to real-time process. And automation helps reduce errors.

To read the full article, visit the Forbes website.

To learn more about SmartBiz, visit our website. You can also read reviews from real SmartBiz customers on Trustpilot. If you’re a small business owner interested in an SBA loan, get prequalified in about 5 minutes.