Stressed Employees? 6 Tips to Help Lighten the Burden

Stress is a condition that affects millions of people. As a matter of fact, statistics say that one out of every five Americans suffers from the kind of stress that causes heart palpitations and other difficulties.

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Stress on the job causes complications such as slowed or poor performance, work strife and more. If your employees are feeling a burden of stress, you can help them by doing the following to cut down the amount:

1. Invest in Stress Toys

Stress toys can be an amazing investment if you want to eliminate stress in your dedicated employees. You can find stress toys at the local department store, or you can order them online. Such toys range from inexpensive squishy hand toys, to full-blown sensory contraptions. The object and purpose of the stress toy is to put the employee's mind on something other than the object of the stress. Stress toys can make excellent promotional toys for your customers as well as tools for your employees.

2. Give Them a Casual Day

Another way that you can cut down on some of the stress at work is to make the employees’ work shift more enjoyable than it currently is. For example, you can give your employees a casual day so that they can come to work in relaxed clothing and enjoy a non-stressful atmosphere. Many employees will appreciate having that option.

3. Allow Them to Work From Home

Allowing your employees to work from home is an excellent way to reduce stress. Thousands of current workers enjoy the comforts of being able to do their work without spending money for fuel or worrying about sitters for their children. You can even get great services from places like ACN, that allow you to communicate well with clients right from the comfort of your own home.

4. Offer Rewards Systems and Appreciation

Employees naturally love rewards and appreciation for their hard work. It activates the reward system in the brain and ends up mellowing the person out eventually. You can invest a small amount of funding to the project if you don’t feel as though the business’s funds are limited. You can have an employee appreciation day during which you buy your employees pizza or smoothies. That will create a relaxed mood, and it will boost productivity in the end. Try it and see what works.

5. Enhance the Break Area

Give your employees a break area that rocks. Provide them with television, video games, a Ping Pong table, or anything that will get their minds off the fact that they have to work so hard. You may want to set it up like a lounge with a huge chair and allow them to listen to relaxing music in the break room. Get creative, and make your employees feel as if they are at home.

6. Encourage Open-Door Policies

Finally, reassure your employees that you have an open-door policy, and they can come to you any time they have a complication. Many employees suffer stress silently because they think that no one will listen to their complaints or concerns. Letting them know that they have someone to talk to is the best way to keep high-stress situations to a minimum. Your workers should be able to come to you with a concern and know that you will look out for their best interest when it’s all said and done.

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