Maintaining Employee Productivity During a Change in Business Structure

Over the course of 2020, the world has been forced to make large shifts when it comes to business, lifestyle, communication, travel, and more in efforts to reduce the impacts of a global pandemic. With the help of technology solutions, some businesses have been able to quickly and efficiently adapt to this drastic change of work and life—while others are struggling to keep up and move forward during this time.

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A major part of a business’s operational structure relies heavily on its employees’ ability to get the job done. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur looking for ways to improve your business, increase productivity, and support your employees in their career progression, you are in the right place.

1. Have Open Conversations

As a business owner or co-worker, you might be surprised to learn about the variety of challenges that individuals have been forced to navigate amidst the pandemic. It can be easy to get wrapped up in your own life and business, especially when times are difficult, and finances might be tight. With that said, taking a step back to realize that your employees are going through a difficult time. Chances are high they might be facing financial or personal turmoil just as you are. Reaching out and openly communicating with your employees is a great first step to show you care and are dedicated to supporting them during this stressful time.

2. Allow Feedback and Ways to Improve the Business

It’s hard to feel dissatisfied when you feel validated, heard, and appreciated. That said, as a business owner, it’s recommended that you take the time to appropriately survey your employees during a crisis or ask for their feedback in order to help improve the overall work experience. If you don’t take the opinions of your employees into consideration, it’s likely they might feel less satisfied with their job and therefore might not work as effectively as possible. A way to encourage employees and motivate them to work hard is to listen to them. Taking steps to apply reasonable feedback that might help enhance their performance can also positively impact your business solutions and customers.

3. Provide Information About Benefits

During the course of the year, it’s likely that your employees have experienced a lot of change in their personal lives. Taking the initiative to further educate your employees about their benefits and offerings can be helpful, especially if they are in need of specific health services. Providing employees with access to resources like 40lk retirement plans that can help make their lives easier during this time is a worthwhile investment. Again, employees that feel taken care of in their personal lives can dedicate more time and attention to their work and less to worrying about their future. Employees will recognize your dedication to their happiness and will show it in the work they are able to do.


4. Offer Advice to Help Protect Family and Loved Ones

In the same sense, make sure your employees have all the necessary health, life, home, or pet insurance coverage needed in the case of an unexpected circumstance. If a global pandemic wasn’t enough to prompt your employees to go and apply for a life insurance policy, it’s a good idea to encourage them to do some research.

Educating your employees on various insurance options they should have and as well as how much life insurance policies cost would be beneficial information to help them get started. Although it can be overlooked when individuals are young and healthy, life insurance can provide families with financial coverage to pay bills, loans, or a mortgage—should there be an unanticipated death. This is simply another way to help your employees prepare for the future and gain peace of mind while allowing more time to focus on career growth.

5. Focus on Being a Good Leader

As businesses adapt to this new environment, it’s important that you place your attention on maintaining good leadership skills to keep anxieties low and operations running smoothly. Remember, no matter what you might be going through, the decisions you make during a crisis or not will stay with you and impact your future for the better or worse. Take a moment to reflect inward and create a plan to effectively manage your team and continue to improve your leadership skills during that process. Set an example for managers and employees in your company to follow your same lead and continue to strive for improvement.

6. Connect Virtually as a Company

The more connection you have as a company the more consistent results you will have. Making sure employees are aligned and fully understand roles and responsibilities is critical to the success and productivity of your organization. Instilling company values to make sure each employee understands and possesses those qualities can help you create a positive company culture. Remember, your company’s reputation is your reputation, meaning if your employees are not a positive reflection of your organization, you will be the one impacted and forced to deal with the effects at the end of the day. Try setting up virtual meetups, education sessions, and happy hours to help your employees get to know you better on a personal and professional level. Help them understand your vision for the future. Connecting on this deeper level can help you improve your workforce and the future of your business.

7. Encourage Goal Setting

Although times are challenging and the future is still unpredictable, it’s important to keep morale high and attitudes positive. As a business leader, you should still be setting reasonable and attainable goals for yourself and your employees. As you should also be encouraging your employees to be establishing short-term and long-term goals that will further their career and satisfaction at work. It feels good to reach a milestone in your career or reach a goal that you have been working towards. The act of setting a goal makes you more likely to achieve something as you have set your intention and now have a focus. This cycle can continue and reinforce positive growth personally and professionally.

A big lesson for everyone is that life as we know it can be unpredictable and unexplainable. There will always be challenges individuals must overcome, some more difficult than others. As a business owner, you must make a commitment to your business and employees if you intend to grow through this, rather than allow the obstacles to overtake you. Amidst all the changes happening, by dedicating time to your employees, making connections personally and professionally, and setting a positive example as a leader, you can encourage a more productive workforce.