5 Ways to Attract Millennial Employees—And Why You Want To

Millennials’ share of the workplace is growing quickly, with more than one in three American workers being of the Millennial generation, according to Forbes.

While these workers have a reputation for jumping from one job to the next, their desire for social impact, enthusiasm for relationships, and aptitude for technology make them great employees.

Consider the following tips and tactics for attracting—and retaining—Millennial employees.

Ditch the 9-to-5 Grind

Millennials are more productive and efficient in flexible environments, which allow them freedom to create and innovate on their own terms. They also value work-life balance more than any other generation before them.

So much so, that when salary and other financial benefits are removed from the equation, Millennials list good work-life balance as the most important when choosing a job, according to a 2016 Deloitte survey. A flexible working environment allows them achieve that, so consider scrapping that regimented schedule.

Focus on Sustainability

Millennials are informed and passionate about social consciousness, which makes them staunch advocates of human and ecological protection. However, research indicates that only 57% of Millennials think corporate leaders are dedicated to improving society at large.

Dismantle that skepticism and gain their respect through business practices that champion the rights of both people and our planet with a strict recycling policy, use of eco-friendly light bulbs, repurposed office furniture and more.

Boost Your Mobile Presence

A BenefitsPro recruiting survey found that 70 percent of job seekers searched on their mobile device and the tech-savvy Millennial generation likely makes up a large portion of that group.

To boost your mobile presence, focus first on your website. It needs to work well and be easy to navigate on mobile. If you use a third-party company to host the application process, be sure that’s seamless integrated with your mobile site. Test it yourself by searching for jobs and completing the application process to find any small bugs or glitches in the system.

Give them Mentorship

Millennials are eager to advance their skill-sets and grow their knowledge base, which makes them among the most enthusiastic workers. That is – if they’re challenged and encouraged to learn more and take on greater responsibility.

Building a mentorship program within your company is a great way to attract these eager employees. The program can be as simple as facilitating a monthly lunch between mentor and mentee, where questions can be ask and advice is given.

Implement Health Initiatives

Millennials are keen proponents of the wellness movement. Thanks to a growing fitness technology industry, they’re able to access stats and track data on a regular basis. This could be the basis for your company-wide health initiatives.

Instead of doing a massive weight-loss challenge, use technology that allows employees to set and track their own goals. A 2016 Survey found that 1 in 7 Americans own a fitness tracker, which you can buy for as low as $50. If you have the budget, purchase a tracker for every employee, including new employees as they come in, and have everyone set their own goal.

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About the Author

Caroline Davis is a professional blogger, focused on business, culture and health. She uses her experience working in a startup environment to provide tips and advice for small businesses. She regularly writes for CarpeDaily.com in addition to other industry blogs.