Apps Making Retailers Life Easier

The retail industry has come a long way from paper-based ledgers, stacks of invoices, cashiers behind clunky cash registers and tedious inventory management procedures.

Retailers are now able to manage operations via a single tablet or iPad. An array of innovative software and apps can automate, streamline and simplify manual procedures letting business owners focus on growth strategies.

Whether you're a brick and mortar store, an e-commerce website or a retail outlet, here are 4 apps that are guaranteed to make your life easier.

  1. Awesome commerce:

Consumers are shifting from conventional to online shopping so much so that a recent survey has shown that 51% of consumers in the US make their purchases via e-commerce websites.

Now, almost every retail business needs a strong online presence to remain competitive. However, retailers can lack the expertise and resources to develop and maintain an e-commerce website. The Awesome Commerce website builder offers a fully functional e-commerce store in a matter of seconds. The app has an extremely easy back-end functionality that allows you to quickly adjust your pricing models. It also offers a wide variety of responsive website templates that can be used by mobile phone, PC as well as tablet users.

The reason that Awesome Commerce stands apart is because it offers features needed to run a successful online store with a minimum amount of hassle. SEO optimization, a content delivery network, PCI compliance, firewalls and malware protection are all included. You can even integrate your website with FedEx, USPS and UPS in real time to provide your shoppers with shipping rate quotes. These features make it a go-to for all retailers who wish to run a sophisticated, intelligent and user-friendly e-commerce store. 

  1. MailChimp:

Email marketing helps your brand stand out in a fiercely competitive market and incentivize your customers to make crucial repeat purchases.

The MailChimp iPad app simplifies email marketing for retailers by offering a single platform to manage lists, add subscribers, view reports and share campaigns.

Moreover, its Google Analytics integration allows you to see how your customers are engaging with your emails, who your most frequent customers are and which products are best liked.

This readily available information regarding consumer-buying patterns equips you with all that you need to know to modify and improve your operations in line with a rapidly changing market.

  1. Xero:

All businesses need to pay attention to their bottom line in order to thrive. However, this task gets particularly cumbersome for retailers who have to undertake hefty account reconciliations and expense tracking on a daily basis.

The Xero accounting app is a breath of fresh air. The app allows you to perform key functions like generating, approving and sharing invoices, viewing accounts, uploading receipts and tracking expenses via your tablet.

Xero also offers automatic bank reconciliation that instantly imports your credit card, PayPal and bank transactions through a single dashboard. Time-saving tools such as recurring invoices, convenient batch payments and automatic update of payroll information save you from mundane paperwork.

  1. Dropbox:

In today's day and age, it is imperative that your employees have necessary information available at their fingertips to help you run your business seamlessly. Dropbox offers the most versatile file sharing solution that also facilitates real-time communication among team members. It provides a secure platform for storing, accessing and sharing crucial documents such as invoices, leases, policies, contracts, videos, photos and SOPs by simply using your tablet or smartphone.

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