Tips for Working Another Job While Running a Small Business

Are you just starting your small business ownership journey?

You might be working another job while you get your enterprise off the ground. Although juggling two ventures can be stressful, there are steps you can take to make your dual responsibilities easier.


It may seem simple but focusing on the task at hand is key to successfully managing two jobs. When you are at your job, be engaged and energetic for tasks at hand. When you’re running your part time business, concentrate on the activities that will help you grow and expand.

Be Fair

It should go without saying, but do not make calls on company time or use their supplies and equipment for your own business.


Of course every situation is different but in many cases it’s prudent to be upfront with your boss about your own business.   If your business isn’t interfering with your job performance, many bosses won’t mind. Trying to hide something as exciting as your own business might be hard!

Get Your Family Involved

Do you have a partner, kids, siblings or parents who would be willing to pitch in? Getting family members involved is a good way to get tasks done. From stuffing envelopes to fulfilling orders, your loved ones might enjoy helping your business thrive.

Explore Remote Help

If there are tasks like bookkeeping or marketing activities that you simply don’t have time for, consider a remote worker as low-cost way to get everything done. There are a number of agencies that place contractors together with business owners. The cost can be very reasonable and save you lots of stress.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Good advice for everyone but especially the entrepreneur trying to launch a new business. Don’t let the lows get you too low. Refocus and concentrate on how you can avoid making a similar mistake.

Consider Going Part-Time

If you’re currently working full-time and running a small business, take a step back and evaluate if you could go part-time. It’s not always an option but if you don’t ask, you’ll never know! If part-time isn’t available, explore working flexible hours or remotely. Both options can give you valuable hours back that you can allocate to your business.

Schedule “You” Time

You’re going to be busy! Be sure to make time for yourself when you’re not working. Watch your favorite television show, get some exercise, read a book. It’s important to manage your stress level during this busy time.

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