Success Story: Prolific Author Michael Levin Ready to Expand

You might not know the name Michael Levin, but he is winning in the publishing world where success can be elusive for writers.

Levin’s company, BusinessGhost, is a full service agency for writers. He and his staff ghostwrite books for and with clients. They’ve produced books for a wide range of people as across a variety of genres: from sci-fi and fantasy to motivational and transformational writings.

LevinAs one of the most established ghostwriters in the nation, the New York Times best-selling author has more than 100 books under his belt. Eleven of those books are national best sellers. Additionally, he edited Zig Ziglar’s final book, Born To Win .

Reviews from leading publications are outstanding.

“Levin’s verbal humor glistens.”

The New Yorker

Satirically engaging…so amusingly complex that one can’t help getting caught up...”

The New York Times

“Levin satirizes as effectively as Calvin Trillin and Kingsley Amis.”

People Magazine

Levin also been featured on the small screen. If you’re a fan of ABC’s Shark Tank television show, you might have seen him in a 2012 episode where he sought $200k to expand his business. He was unsuccessful getting funding from the Sharks but his appearance on the show led to a boom in business. Levin’s company now offers a full service one-stop shop for proposals, manuscript reviews, polish and publishing.

Levin has been running his small business for over 20 years but, outside of the Shark Tank, had never sought financing. Now he is ready to grow with an SBA loan for $150,000 from SmartBiz. In addition to wanting to expand his business and increase profits, he admits that he has a reason to succeed closer to home.

"I have a family of six. With four children, costs are going up every year,” he says with a laugh.

Although money for expansion hasn’t been available, the business is robust with one full time COO and 30 team members including writers, designers and editors. Some of his part-time team members make six figures.

BusinessGhost worked on 50 books last year – both fiction and non-fiction.

As the President, Levin runs the show and knew that he needed additional funds to grow. “I think we have the capacity to double that 50 book figure,” he says.

Levin worked closely with a SmartBiz Relationship Manager during the application process.  "The dedication and quality was remarkable. Phone calls and emails were immediate and thorough. My RM worked very hard to make sure everything was right - I couldn't have asked for better service."

Levin has detailed plans for his SBA loan funds. “I’m going to work with outside firms who specialize in marketing. One of the first goals will be to radically upgrade the Business Ghost website. We’re going to focus on SEO and create a clearer sales path for visitors.”

Although SBA loans can be seen as cumbersome, that wasn’t Levin’s experience. “I would recommend SmartBiz to anyone who wants to get a loan and be completely supported during the entire process.”

When asked about his success by the blog, Levin is very clear. “Bust your butt! That’s the secret. A lot of people are willing to put in a little work, but very few people are willing to work their butts off trying to build a brand for themselves, creating a quality business, generating quality content, or whatever it is you’re doing. It’s really that simple.”

To learn more about Michael Levin and his business visit his site here: Keep an eye out for his new column appearing soon in the New York Daily News.

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