SmartBiz Celebrates Women Entrepreneurs

As the month of March winds down, we pay tribute to the generations of women who have been invaluable to society in celebration of Women’s History Month.

At SmartBiz, we’re thrilled to help successful female entrepreneurs. Smart, savvy and poised for professional growth, here are stories about three women who founded small businesses and are busy expanding.

tasteful-addition-small-business-success-300x295Asha Waterstreet was a stay-at-home-mom for 15 years. Formerly an airline executive, she found herself wondering “What’s next?” Armed with a love for cooking and flavorful food, she opened Tasteful Additions, a small store that sells exclusive oil and vinegar products. She did her own research to write a business plan and quickly opened. With help from a SmartBiz SBA loan, she’s hiring new employees and adding to her product line.

Claudia Gee co-owns Amazing Balloons by Gee with her husband. The California-based small business specializes in creating theme décor for all occasions. After weathering frequent economic challenges, Gee is ready to expand by hiring new employees and purchasing equipment with the help of a SmartBiz SBA loan. She says that balloons are going in new directions and she’s thrilled to be growing in the industry. “You can’t believe the new techniques coming out of Russia and Japan. Keep an eye out for creative balloon flowers and dresses in the new future – it will blow your mind!” Read a more detailed blog post about Amazing Balloons by Gee here.

danielleSmall business owner Danielle Rozier earned a degree in Culinary Arts and Hotel and Restaurant Management. She founded Savory Gourmet Catering by passing out food samples from a picnic basket. She quickly expanded to become a full service event organization.

Danielle knew that she needed funding to keep up with growing demand. She logged onto the SmartBiz website on September 17th last year and her $50,000 loan was funded on October 26th.  She’ll use her funds to consolidate existing high-interest debt, buy equipment and software, hire a new employee and expand marketing efforts. “Every year, I give myself a goal then I look back and do an assessment,” she says. “My goal this year was 25% new business. I hit that goal and brought in $250,000 last year. I’m excited to see what I can do in 2016.”

We’re not just celebrating female customers this month, the SmartBiz team is made up of many hard-working, smart women committed to the small business owner. Here are some rave reviews about women we are privileged to work with on the TrustPilot consumer review website:

“Liz was great. The Communication was first rate. I was always told and under the impression that SBA Loans were a nightmare but SmartBiz Loans changed my opinion. I would recommend anyone considering a SBA Loan to contact SmartBiz Loans.”

“Mai was willing to do whatever it took to ensure everything moved forward. Some complexities in completing the loan resulted in the time to completion being longer than desired, but Mai kept going and got it done! Excellent work.”

“Andrea Ness with SBL, was by my side , working with me and advocating for me throughout the entire process. Any time there was a road block, she was there to help me overcome it. My loan is fully funded, and my business is really benefiting from it. I will recommend SmartBiz Loans to any business looking for a loan. “

Congrats to all our female Relationship Managers who help entrepreneurs and achieve professional goals each day.

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