Small Business Owners Share Secrets of Their Success

At SmartBiz Loans, we help small business owners achieve their dreams by facilitating low-cost funds to help them grow. Our team learns about the challenges and struggles they face as small business owners. Here’s some sage advice from successful entrepreneurs across America.

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David Weintraub | Bodyworks DW Inc. David Weintraub

"Be authentic. Really offer something that is special and unique - don’t try to equivocate or appeal to everybody. Do what you really love and you’ll attract a fan base. That’s all you need."

Steve Brown | Fun Bowl

“…work hard and count the pennies – they add up. Remember that success is a marathon, not a sprint.”

Cathy Deano & Renee Maloney | Painting with a Twist

“We constantly reinvent ourselves to keep the energy high and keep reaching our audiences. We want a happy, healthy balance.”

Jeremy Moon | Moon Family Enterprises

“As a business owner, there are months when you’re doing really well and months when the orders aren’t there. It’s important to save and plan for unexpected months. Make sure your business is taken care of first.”

K.T. Korngold | Center for Montessori Education, NY Inc.

“The first generation when you open a business is pure energy – you do it all and you learn as you go. If you are in the second generation of leadership, you need to be sure you bring your area of expertise to the table and that you have the credentials so folks can and do trust you. You also need a team of folks who make up your leadership community – whether it is a trusted board or trusted experienced advisors.”


Brian Swendra | Enhanced Security Solutions, Inc.

“My best advice is to make sure to research. It’s the most important thing. Do you have a niche or a service that is better or different? Make sure that your business does something no one else does or does it better.”

Katharine Pawlowski | Done & Done Home

“We definitely had a few fumbles at first. Be prepared and give yourself time in the beginning. It’s expensive and takes every dollar and every minute. Do something you love. I would happily do this work for free every day of my life.”

Juan C. Vera | Best Waiters of Chicago

“I believe everybody has opportunities to start a business. The most important thing is to be prepared. If you are not well prepared to launch a company, that opportunity can disappear.”

Danielle Rozier | Savory Gourmet Catering

“Every year, I give myself a goal then I look back and do an assessment.”

David Hawley | The Beer Cellar, LLC

“Start small and start with what you could afford. Prove your concept.”