April 6, 2019 By Suzanne Robertson

How a SmartBiz SBA Loan Saved This Small Business Owner Thousands of Dollars

Triple D Towing is the leading providers of towing services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area because of one motivated small business owner.

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We were lucky enough to track down the very busy Milton Martinez to learn about his business and how a SmartBiz SBA loan is helping him become more profitable.

SmartBiz: Tell me about your small business.

Milton Martinez: I started Triple D Towing more than 10 years ago and we’re proud to offer each and every customer excellent service. We operate with 5 tow trucks and 6 full-time employees.

SB: What makes Triple D Towing stand out from other companies in your area?

MM: When a customer calls us, they’ll be connected to a team member with years of experience. We can overcome any challenging service situation and we’re always available 24/7.

SB: What do you find most challenging about running a successful small business?

MM: Managing employees is the most demanding part of the job. My drivers and dispatchers represent me and if they make a mistake, I’ve made a mistake. Keeping employees happy is key.

SB: Do you find being the boss stressful?

MM: Honestly, no. It’s important that I stay on top of my game so my employees can stay on top of theirs. I’ve learned not to procrastinate and everything usually runs very well.

SB: What’s the best thing about being a small business owner?

MM: Freedom! I like being able to make my own rules and follow my own schedule. I don’t sleep till noon but if I wanted to one day, I could make that happen.

SB: What brought you to SmartBiz for an SBA loan?

MM: I had two small loans that I wanted to get rid of. They required daily cash payments and were leaving me strapped. I needed to create additional income instead of paying outlandish interest rates.

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SB: Did you try to get a loan from a traditional bank?

MM: My bank actually approached me first and asked if I wanted a line of credit. I thought about it but the rates and terms were not what I was looking for.

SB: How did you find SmartBiz?

MM: I remember that it was 2 in the morning and I was up thinking about how to increase profits. I got up and typed “SBA loans” in a search engine and started looking. SmartBiz was the most straightforward site, the easiest to use and had the best rates and terms by far.

SB: Were you happy with SmartBiz right away?

MM: Yes! Excellent communication is what made the whole process work. My loan agent was very smart and very responsive. Each time I called or sent an email, he got back to me immediately. I could tell he was 100% on top of everything. Also, we’re both snowboarders and very laid back. It was nice to make a personal connection too.

SB: How has your loan helped your business?

MM: By getting rid of the two small loans I’m saving $15,000 – $18,000 dollars. That’s money I can put back into growing my business or into savings.

SB: What would you say to another small business owner looking for funding?

MM: Don’t wait until 2 am to do an online search! Check out SmartBiz first and you’ll find that other lenders just don’t compare.

SB: Any last words of wisdom for our blog readers?

MM: Yes – do what you can today because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. It’s a personal motto that’s served me well.

SB: Thank you for sharing your valuable time and best of luck in the future!


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