January 6, 2023 By Suzanne Robertson

Podcasts are more popular and accessible than ever. From politics to sports to parenting and everything in between, it’s clear that we’re living in the golden age of audible information. For the entrepreneur, there are a ton of podcasts offering top-notch small business news, insight, and inspiration. Here are a few of the best business podcasts helping beginners, established business owners, and those exploring a lucrative side hustle.

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10 business podcasts you should be listening to

Podcasts are generally a great way to learn. It’s easy to plug in your earphones and get actionable advice, examples, and insight. We’ve curated a list of podcasts that are a good resource for small business owners.

1. HBR IdeaCast®

This podcast from the Harvard Business Review® features thought leaders in business and management. Topics range from customer service and emotional intelligence to building a remote business and selling on Amazon®. Small business owners will love the variety and unique perspectives represented in this podcast.

2. Eventual Millionaire®

Jaime Masters works with six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs. And over the last decade-plus, she’s interviewed hundreds of them and shared their conversations on her podcast. Topics include getting out of bankruptcy and finding profitability, building a successful team, eCommerce, influencer marketing, and so much more.

3. Entrepreneur on Fire®

EOFire features host John Lee Dumas interviewing all types of entrepreneurs about their biggest successes and most massive failures. It’s both inspiring and informational, covering discussions ranging from selling through copywriting to creating an online course.

4. Accounting Best Practices®

Accounting might seem like a drag, but it’s a necessity for every small business owner. In Accounting Best Practices, you can listen to quick episodes on closing your books, financing, managing payroll, and other important money matters. Host Steve Bragg is a CPA, former CFO of several public companies, and a prolific author about all-things accounting.

5. Business Wars®

Business Wars isn’t your run-of-the-mill business podcast. It shares the unauthorized stories of some of the world’s biggest companies and the people who lead them. Get ready to hear about the good, the bad, and the ugly. One thing this podcast loves to do is compare some of the biggest competitors, like Netflix® vs Blockbuster®, Nike® vs Adidas®, and Toyota® vs Honda®.

6. Your Money Briefing®

This podcast from The Wall Street Journal® is hosted by J.R. Whalen and acts as your personal finance and career checklist. They share news and information about spending, saving, investing and taxes, translating complicated topics into easier-to-understand audio snippets.

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7. Stacking the Benjamins®

Get ready for plenty of laughs and a healthy dose of information. Episodes cover personal finance, entrepreneurship, and interviews. It’s laid back and relaxed but still packed with value. Plus, Stacking the Benjamins was the Academy of Podcast winner for Best Business Podcast of the Year and the 2017 Plutus winner for Best Personal Finance Podcast.

8. Biz Chix®

Ladies, listen up! There’s a podcast just for you. Biz Chix is all about empowering women entrepreneurs. Host Natalie Eckdahl will help you own your role as a CEO with a wide range of topics, from gratitude and affirmations to doubling your revenue and simplifying your business strategies.

9. Mind Your Business®

Host James Wedmore believes so strongly that success starts in your mind that he made a whole podcast about it. In Mind Your Business, he shares performance hacks, a nighttime routine for success, manifestation and other topics related to shifting to a better frame of mind as a business owner. If anyone knows about profitability, it’s a seven-figure online entrepreneur.

10. $100 MBA®

If you’re short on time but hungry for knowledge, try The $100 MBA. It features practical, no-fluff advice in short episodes, hosted by Omar Zenhom. From traditional sales tips to more current discussions around affiliate marketing, funnels, and finding success in a recession, this podcast is a small business owner’s dream come true.

Finding a podcast that resonates with you might take some trial and error. You might like some hosts more than others. Or, you might find a podcast you love but not every episode applies to you and your business. That’s okay! The great thing about podcasts is that it’s easy to sneak them into your day, whether it’s during your morning commute or while you’re squeezing in your workout. Grab your headphones and start experiencing. 

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