Twitter Targets Small Business with New Dashboard App

Breaking news in the Twitterverse! In a recent blog post, Twitter announced a new feature tailor-made for small businesses – the Twitter dashboard app.

The micro-blogging site has seen it popularity dip compared to Facebook, Snapchat and other social media apps. This latest development seems to be a strategy to re-engage busy entrepreneurs.

Noah Pepper, product and engineering manager, wrote on the Twitter blog “Large, dedicated teams typically have the advantage of sophisticated tools provided by Twitter ecosystem partners.  Today we’re offering a free tool to give all businesses an advantage in the way they use Twitter.”

The new Twitter Dashboard app is very similar to the tweet scheduling and tracking platforms Tweetdeck and Hootsuite with robust features to encourage engagement. Here are three ways the app can benefit your small business.

Audience engagement

Users can create a custom feed to find out what’s being said about their business. The feed takes you right to the tweets you want to see first and help you better engage with your community. The Twitter blog has this example:

“…if you work at a cafe, you may see a Tweet from a customer who has a question about your hours. Or, if you’re a boutique owner, you might see a Tweet from a potential customer talking about one of your products. The ability to see these Tweets at a glance offers endless opportunities for you to connect with customers and potential customers with responses that add value.”

Scheduled Tweets

No matter how busy your day, you can schedule Tweets via the dashboard to target the times your audience is online. You can also edit Tweets that have been previously scheduled.

Get ideas and inspiration

Not feeling creative? Dashboard users will get tips to help start conversations. From Twitter:

“For example, if you work at a restaurant, a tip like, “Your team is as unique as your business. Tweet a surprising fact about one of your team members,” might remind you to share some recent recognition your chef received. Or, if you’re an interior designer, seeing, “Share the love. Like and Retweet kind words from your customers,” might prompt you to Retweet a customer’s excited reaction to one of your recent projects.”

The app is currently available on the web and on iOS and is available to all US-based businesses. Go to or download Dashboard in the App Store.