Successfully Evolve Your Small Business

Every good entrepreneur knows and understands that the success of their company is largely dependent on the quality of structures put into play.

While there is no perfect formula to ensure that you are handling the structure of your organization correctly, there are basic guidelines you can follow to reach desired outcomes. Here are some tips on how to grow your small business.

Keep changing your processes until they work.

Rinse, Wash, and Repeat once they stop working. While this may seem like a “no-brainer” it is actually counter intuitive to how most people live their lives. Most people crave consistency and routine because we are largely creatures of habit. But then again, good entrepreneurs are usually not classified as “most people.” So with that understanding, the key here is to keep changing the processes for how you approach sales, marketing and operational fulfillment until they work.

In startup stage, this can mean trying something new every week until a desired result is achieved. However, growth stage companies of all sizes must face this on a daily basis as well by actions like forming new departments, putting protocols into play and more. Be willing to run through every idea you have and change at a moment’s notice. Once you’ve found a process that meets your desired result, keep in place for a while.

If it stops working, (ads is no longer producing leads, operational teams not working in unison, etc.) be willing to evolve.

Stay relevant.

It’s easy to set a wheel in motion and sit back to watch it play out. Your management team should never take a passive role in your company. You don’t want to be a “Dinosaur” who is late to the game on every new piece of technology. Staying relevant, and ensuring that the new “Tech goodies” are included in how you operate is key to the staying power of your brand.

Facilitate relationships and network in every facet possible.

Relationships are arguably the most important ingredient for every business. The key here is to always cultivate new relationships without a specific “end goal” in mind. Relationships lead to great clients/sales, strong and reliable vendors, phenomenal employees and much more. The more relationships you have the more you are in the know and the more leverage you have to run a strong operation. Somebody you met a year ago might be exactly the engineer you need. That vendor you just met might be a good replacement for an existing relationship that’s not working.

While every company has its own unique way to achieve desired results, actively changing processes where applicable, staying relevant, and constantly facilitating new relationships are top qualities of any successful company, at any stage of growth. Put these into action on a consistent basis and you may be surprised what they can do for you.

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About the Author

Thank you to Jonathan C. Furman for this week's guest post. Facilitating the transformation of good companies to great companies. Furman Transformation utilizes a method of no-nonsense, straight-forward, RAW talent and RAW value extraction, through careful examination, correction, and proliferation of a company’s Sales, Marketing, and Growth habits, individually and as a whole.