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Businesses use email marketing to get noticed by as many customers as possible. 78% of marketers believe that email marketing is the key to attracting leads and prospective buyers.

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A significant aspect of email marketing involves creating and emailing newsletters to customers. Interestingly, the little research done on newsletters points towards their effectiveness at getting people to buy products. For example, 35% out of 81% of newsletter readers believe this marketing technique effectively increases sales.

If your online business could use a boost, check out these newsletter examples to guide your email marketing efforts. Next, consider applying the following expert-recommended tips to make them even more effective.

5 Newsletter Tips to Skyrocket Your Sales

Here are five tried-and-tested newsletter tips that can help you increase sales and engagement for your business:

Use Relevant Promotions

Promotions are a reliable way to attract new customers and increase revenue. For this reason, it is necessary to list the most attractive and relevant promotions in the newsletter.

Your customer audience should ideally be divided into different segments. Each group is attracted to some specific service or aspect of your business. Make sure each of these groups is catered to as thoroughly as possible.

This way, every reader feels special and has a little promotional offer urging them to buy your service.

Write your Best Content

The way to increase engagement through a newsletter is to fill it with high-quality content. Every business has a blog section on its website to inform and educate the visitors.

And your newsletter offers the perfect opportunity to bring your email subscribers back to this section of your site time and again. Of course, this also boosts brand awareness, which results in a high SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking.

Therefore, you should include the blog section in your newsletter. It will pique the readers’ interest, and they are sure to click and land on your webpage. From there, they can look at your other services and also utilize them.

Create A Sense of Urgency

Researchers have proven that limited time offers create urgency and encourage readers into clicking the buy now button. People feel that if they do not buy, they might lose out on a great deal.

It would be best to use this strategy in the newsletter to get people to click through to your product pages and buy on the spot. Try emailing newsletters on holidays and special occasions such as Mother’s Day, Easter, or Christmas, with offers that can’t be ignored. For example, entice them with flash sales such as flat 30% off on the first 100 orders.

These offers have a high click-to-open rate. However, the real perk is that it trains your customers to always look forward to your newsletter. And every time your newsletter reaches their email box, they are ready to make another purchase.

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Conduct A/B Testing

A/B testing helps compare the two different versions of the same page, design, and subject line, etc. The response on these options is evaluated to see which content is more engaging and brings in more traffic.

You can create two different newsletters and check which one produces the most click-throughs. There is no need to create an entirely new version, just write a different CTA or change the color of the banners. Even these tiny tweaks can drastically change customers’ engagement.

Send Out Newsletters Once A Month

It isn’t a very sound strategy to send the newsletter every week. First, you won’t have much content to include in your newsletter if you send it out on a weekly basis. And second, no customer wants to be hounded by a company, so there is no need to bombard your customers with your services. Additionally, by emailing newsletters each week, you may run into an issue where customers unsubscribe from your newsletter.

Therefore, it is better not to focus on quantity but quality. Moreover, you can later increase the number of newsletters you send in a month, depending on the received response.

To Sum It Up

Newsletters are a perfect way to increase sales by engaging a large population in a small amount of time. However, this e-marketing strategy is only successful when done right. In addition, it should also compel the customer to click and buy the advertised services.

It is also essential not to overdo sending emails and newsletters as customers tend to overlook emails from companies sending many daily emails.


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