Email Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners 

Despite the rise of texting, online apps and social media, email marketing remains a strong customer outreach tool for small businesses. Launching an email marketing campaign might sound overwhelming but the payoff can lead to increased brand awareness and sales. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started.  

Choose a Platform 

Email marketing apps help you create messages, build subscriber lists, automate workflows and more. PC Magazine rates 20+ features of 10 popular services here.  Take a look and choose one that fits all of your marketing needs and is easy to implement.  

Make it Easy to Subscribe…and Unsubscribe 

According to the Salesforce blog, there are actually a surprising number of small business owners who send out regular newsletters to their email list, but don’t have a subscription box or option on their website. If you make it hard for visitors to your website and customers to subscribe, you’ll miss opportunities that can affect your bottom line. Have an unsubscribe link in a visible spot in the header or footer of your emails.  

Brand Your Email to Look Like a Pro 

When you contact current and potential clients and customers, you want to have a clear and concise look and message. There are several easy steps you can take to improve the look, tone and voice of your emails: 

  • Add your logo  
  • Use custom colors and consistent Fonts 
  • Add images  
  • Break content into short easy-to-read paragraphs.  

Create a Killer Subject Line 

A subject line can land your hard work in the delete folder or improve your open rate. According to MailChimp, the best email subject lines include a compelling reason for the user to open and are brief and descriptive. In a study of 200 million emails, MailChimp determined that 28-39 characters was the “sweet spot” with the highest click rate.

Look at the Competition 

Keep track of your competitors to determine how often they offer discounts, when they email and how they segment their email lists. In addition to strategy, you’ll see copy, images and subject lines that you might want to tweak for your own email blast.  

Proofread, Proofread, Proofread! 

Avoid glaring errors! A simple typo can turn off your readers fast. When you’ve written and tweaked copy, it’s hard to proofread all by yourself. Ask an employee with strong writing skills to give your message a thorough review.  If you need help in this area, look into Grammarly, an online service that automatically detects grammar, spelling, punctuation and other common style mistakes in your writing. 


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