BOO! Scare Up Some Business!

Halloween has become a monster holiday.

The National Retail Federation just released its Halloween Consumer Spending Survey, reporting that the average American will spend about $78 this month and predicts that total Halloween spending will hit $7.4 billion this year. That’s “billion” with a “B”. Shouldn’t your small business grab some of that spending?

SmartBiz has creative tips to spark your entrepreneur spirit. Try some of these easy and affordable strategies to increase your October business.

Decorate Your Brick & Mortar Business

Even if you don’t sell costumes, candy or decorations, your small business can get into Halloween spirit. If appropriate, decorate your restaurant or store. Have your employees’ sport orange and black clothing or a special Halloween accessory. Paint your windows and add some twinkly Halloween lighting.

Capitalize on Creative Advertising

Use vibrant images of the season – pumpkins, candy or a haunted house – to spice up local newspaper advertisements or online promotions. Personalize your business by featuring your employees in Halloween themed t-shirts or costumes on flyers or in ads. Print up inexpensive t-shirts and offer as an incentive for spending a set amount of money at your business. Those t-shirts walking around can get a word-of-mouth buzz going.

Partner Up

It’s time to put your relationship building skills to good use. Partner with a pop-up Halloween store and cross promote each business. Approach a local fabric store (DIY costumes are exploding in popularity) to exchange seasonal coupons. Offer branded treat bags or safety tips to other business to hand out.

Spice Up Your Social Media

Refresh your website with Halloween-inspired imagery and content. Tweet Halloween “fun facts”, awesome costumes along with special store offers. Use vibrant images on Facebook. If engagement on your page is high, ask followers to post Halloween decoration or costume photos. Now is a great time to send a creative email blast to your mailing list. Make this a Halloween customers will remember!