Best Ways to Use Interactive Content to Attract Your Customers

Interactive content is online content that requires active engagement, not just reading or watching. Introducing interactive content is a surefire way to level up your marketing strategy. If you’ve been in your industry for over 2 years, you need something engaging and exciting to surprise your customers with. Interactive content is what customers will respond to.

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Stats from different sources all speak in favor of using interactive content to attract customers:

  • 93% of marketers claim that interactive content is highly effective for educating their buyers about the company and its products;
  • 81% of marketers say interactive content grabs attention more effectively than static content;
  • Lastly, 88% of marketers say that using interactive content helps them stand out from their competitors.

Interactive content is highly engaging, and, as you can see from the stats, using it can largely benefit your business to win back the attention of your customers.
But what are the best ways to use interactive content for your benefit?

Here are some examples of how companies are winning from introducing interactive content to their marketing campaigns.

1. Interactive Videos

Using a touchable video with a storyline is a creative way to both educate your customers and represent your products. LaCantina Doors, a California-based company that sells BiFold doors, folding glass and other door designs, created a great interactive video for their customers to learn how to choose a perfect door that fits their needs:


Watch LaCantina’s full interactive video here.

LaCantina understands that their product is quite unique, and, although customers might be interested in purchasing it, they might have no idea how to choose the door that fits. Their interactive video lets users click on various options like operation, configuration or screening to learn how to choose a perfect door for their homes.

2. Quizzes

Warby Parker, an American online retail store that sells glasses, has created an online quiz for their customers to help them find frames that later will be sent to their homes to try on:


Image credit: Warby Parker

The quiz is very quick and simple. Customer choose a style, face width, shapes (you can choose several at once), colors, material and provide their email to help company contact you.

“Having your customers take quizzes helps them learn more about your product and what else your company has to offer,” says Martin Peterson, the head of marketing at the international company Flatfy.

Creating quizzes also gives you valuable insights on which products your customers are more interested in.

You can also start quizzes just to let your customers have fun. Buzzfeed’s quizzes are a perfect example of how popular this type of interactive content is:


Image credit: Buzzfeed

By sharing this type of interactive content with your customers, you’ll make sure that your brand will be recognized and talked about.


3. Interactive Website

When their show Game of Thrones became insanely popular, HBO decided to treat loyal fans and create a whole interactive website under their brand:


Image credit: HBO

By visiting this website, the fans of the show can learn more about creating and filming the show, learn about characters, visit the viewer’s guide and even read show-related blog posts. HBO also makes sure to regularly post news about the upcoming season to keep the fans excited. There are also quizzes to keep visitors engaged and test their knowledge of the books and the show.

Airbnb also encourages its customers to visit and enjoy their interactive website, which helps them learn about visiting different cities and exploring the benefits of their services:


Image credit: AirBnB

You can also discover landmarks to visit, learn more about local traditions, and explore some fascinating statistics.

An interactive website is a place where customers visit to learn more information about your brand and your products. This is a very engaging way to keep them updated and to educate them.

Interactive Content = Endless Flow of Creativity

Investing in interactive content brings you a lot of benefits. Interactive content gives many opportunities to help your brand and products stand out. When planning your online marketing strategies, consider how interactive and creative content can elevate your brand and ultimately increase sales.

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