Best Conferences for Small Business Owners to Attend

Entrepreneurs are often on a hamster wheel when running day-to-day operations. It’s hard to jump off and take an overall look at your small business.  Although it can be time consuming and costly, attending a conference can be the shot in the arm your business needs to level up.  Here are the best conferences for the entrepreneur seeking stimulation, inspiration and knowledge.

The Small Business Expo

The nation’s largest business-to-business conference happens across America in 14 major cities. Appropriate for both startups and long-established companies, this free, one-day expo offers insights and networking opportunities along with workshops, seminars and presentations from top industry experts.

America’s Small Business Summit

Sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, this annual conference held in Washington D.C. examines how public-sector policies and economic trends impact small business. The event includes a “Rally on the Hill,” during which attendees meet with congressional staffers to discuss how government and businesses can work together.


From the website: “The goal of the 99U Conference is to shift the focus from idea generation to idea execution.” Accomplished small business experts provide insights on how to make your ideas happen. Some of the most productive, creative visionaries and leading researchers share insights on how ideas are brought to life.


Pubcon is a multi-track educational conference that features leaders involved in social media, Internet marketing, search engines and online advertising. Pubcon give attendees in-depth look at the future of technology presented by top speakers.

Inc. Women’s Conference

The website promises that attendees with be “inspired, empowered and get equipped with practical advice, feasible solutions and innovative ideas”. Topics will include how to fund, launch and grow your business with input from veteran entrepreneurs. Goodies include a power-networking lunch, a gift bag of essentials for any businesswoman and a “chic cocktail reception”.


Located in Boston, Denver and Seattle, these one-day events are presented by Inc. and CNBC. Featuring a host of accomplished speakers, entrepreneurs are able to connect with fellow visionaries, ignite new ideas and get inspired. Attendees will learn what it takes to build a lasting brand, get tips on redefining your relationship with customers, hear strategies on how to compete with giants and how to ignite change.

If you don’t have the bandwidth to attend a national conference, there are lots of local options that encourage idea sharing and provide great networking opportunities. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce, SBA office or SCORE organization to learn about upcoming events that can benefit your business.