June 28, 2016 By Suzanne Robertson
Melvin Simonovich, a registered IRS tax preparer and owner of Simz Accounting Services in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. Melvin is a trusted business advisor who his helps clients maximize their tax strategy and plan their long-term finances. He founded his accounting firm with a single principle in mind: to provide the highest level of personalized client service possible. “I care about each of my clients and will go the extra mile to handle their interests with integrity, responsiveness and accuracy,” he says. Melvin has been in the accounting business 8+ years. “I’ve been around long enough that my client base is mostly referrals,” he says. His firm currently manages 60+ clients. Mel Photo Melvin, who formerly owned a mortgage brokerage for 30 years, already had experience in helping his clients find larger dollar amount loans. “I was mostly handling loans over $400,000, and didn’t have a good small loan option for my clients.” In need of a low-cost loan option for his small business clients, Melvin found SmartBiz. He applied to become a SmartBiz partner and started using the the platform to help his small business clients quickly obtain the SmartBiz SBA loans they needed to fuel their business growth. “"I've closed three SBA loans with SmartBiz and plan to submit a few more soon,” he says. “The SmartBiz model is great and works smoothly.” When he needs assistance with an application, the SmartBiz representatives “respond well and answer questions quickly.” Melvin had a long history of working to get his mortgage clients SBA loans for real estate financing and knew that an SBA loans could be a great option for his small business owner’s working capital and debt refinance needs but his prior experience with the SBA gave him caution. “When banks started to tighten up their credit boxes, they made the loan terms shorter and shorter. And working with a bank can be really tedious. There’s lots of red tape.” He found SmartBiz to be a much better option than going directly to a bank. “My clients are more likely to get an SBA loan from SmartBiz than from any other source. I also like the fact that that their SBA loan is a 10-year term loan to keep the monthly payments manageable. My clients know they’ll have the cash flow necessary to make these payments now and into the future.” Melvin plans to ramp up his SBA loan introductions and is actively using SmartBiz marketing collateral to introduce SmartBiz loans to his clients. “The materials offered by SmartBiz to share with my clients are very helpful. We hand out flyers and will soon integrate a SmartBiz link on my website.”