10 Things that Won’t Affect Your Credit Score

There’s a lot of information out there regarding credit scores – mostly about what is on the report and how to improve your score. But it’s also important to know what won’t appear on your report.

 Below are a few things that won't affect your credit score.

A “Soft Pull”  

You might have heard that every check of your credit can lower your score. It depends on what type of check. A “soft inquiry” is a credit check that will not show up on your report as an inquiry, therefore your score won’t be lowered. On the other hand, a “hard pull” or hard inquiry can cause your score to lower. Hard inquiries generally occur when a financial institution checks your credit report when making a lending decision. This can be for a credit card, car loan, mortgage or other types of loans. Hard inquiries could lower your credit score by a few points and might remain on your report for two years. NOTE: SmartBiz Loans performs a soft pull for credit during pre-qualification. Your credit score will not be impacted.


Although this might seem important, your current or past compensation will not show up on your credit report. A high salary won’t give you a higher FICO score just like a low salary won’t lower your score.

Receiving Public Assistance

Public assistance is the system that provides welfare services. Services are typically provided to the elderly, disabled people and low-income families. Lenders or others who access your credit report will not receive any information related to public assistance programs that you might have accessed in the past or are currently using.


FICO doesn’t consider your age although other types of financial scores might.

Race, Color, Religion, National Origin, Sex and Marital Status

United States law prohibits credit scoring from considering these facts under the Consumer Credit Protection Act.

Net Worth

Own a castle and drive a Rolls Royce? Your FICO score won’t be impacted. No matter what you’re worth financially, you should always strive to pay bills on time and maintain a high credit score.

Credit Counseling Participation

Have you used credit counseling to help your FICO score? That won’t have a positive or negative impact or appear on your report at all.


Your address has no bearing on credit scores. However, if you’re moving to another country, your credit score doesn’t come along. Credit scores reflect the creditworthiness of U.S. citizens. Other countries have their own systems.

Credit Card or Other Interest Rates

You should always strive to get the lowest interest rate possible. However, if you do have high interest rate credit cards or other types of loans, it’s not reported. 

Outdated Public Records

You need to contact credit bureaus and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau if any of the following are in your file:

  • Bankruptcies - More than 10 years old
  • Accounts Charged-Off – More than 7 years ago
  • Accounts Sent to Collections   - More than 7 years ago

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